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Do not drive the car until you verify the following: 1. if you have oil in your engine. 2, if your oil sender is bad 3, if your oil pump is failing.


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It would be helful to know where the oil dipstick is located, where to put engine oil into the engine at, what type of oil is required, and how to accomplish that task.

I don't know the Acura as they are not in the UK But it may well have safety device fitted that will not allow you to shift from park unless your foot is on the brake pedal. If this is the case, check that the brake lights are working, if they are not it may indicate a faulty brake light switch.

One indication of a bad sensor is when your speedometer bounces around, shakey, or jumpy.

The scan port is under a little rubber flap under the ash tray. It is easy to get to, IF you know where Acura hid it.

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I have a 2000 RL and the code P0420 came up for bad CAT efficiency. Replace the CAT with a NAPA aftermarket unit. Lasted about a year and same problem showed up. Have talked to many people and mechanics that are know Acura's. The aftermarket unit was smaller in size and doesn't have the flow characteristics of the original. Heard from others that they eventually replaced the CAT with a Acura factory CAT and have had no more problems. I know.... about $700 more.

i came on here to get the answer to this question and it wasnt here then it asked me to answer it but i didnt know so i wrote this instead. have a good life

If your radio is locked and you DONT know the passcode then you need to call Acura....but if you do know the password...then you should enter it

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The red light that came on when you pluged it in will go off

i really need to know my car is acting up and we can not find the diagnostic port for it. they told me under the ash tray, sterring wheel, and glove compartment

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does anyone know where a starter is located on a 98 acura 3.5 RL

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I need to know what number fuse is for a cigarette lighter in an acura mdx

Disconnect negative battery cable for 5 minutes. This may or may not reset the light. If not you will need an OBD 2 scan tool. Know that if you do not repair the problem that caused the light to come on it will just come back on.

It is important to know what causes things to stop working within a car. A blown fuse or bad wiring can cause the key and headlight chime to stop working.

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I have the same problem.... I had a friend that put it on a computer (they only cost around $50) and it told me that I had misfires in 5 of the cylinders which means I need a tune up.... Once I get the tune up I will let you know if they come back. i just replaced my trans on my acura tl type s , and what ur saying is exactly what happ to me my vsa light came on then my check engine light then my car was acting crazy n i needed a turq converter my transmission filter was clogging cause my 3rd gear was breaking down

If by caution light you mean circle with an exclamation point surrounding by brackets then I believe that is the indicator to let you know that the handbrake is on. this turns on when you lift the handle atleast one click from the bottom.

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