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Whenever you over heat an engine there will be problems. One being that all of the parts in the engine get really hot and start to either bend or warp. The knocking noise can come from your valves or anything that attaches to your valves. You should check out your piston rings and pistons. Connecting rods, journals and bearings. But it usually isn't as deep as that. So i Would start with the head and work your way down. you either spun a connecting rod bearing, or a main bearing. I would go with the main. to put it simply. rebuild the motor. don.

2007-04-14 06:42:49
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Possible head/headgasket failure.

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I forgot to check my oil in my 2000 Honda civic and it started knocking I turned off the engine as soon as i heard it I put 2 quarts of oil in it but the knocking is still there but only at high rpms?

It sounds like you threw a Rod

We have a 95 Dodge Ram 4-wheel dr truck It has started making a thump thump thump noise And Rattles really loudly on the Driver's side upon startup Does this sound like a rod knocking?

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