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In most instances the answer is NO. But there are some instances which you may. In general, if you buy from a private seller and the money transaction is complete and you have signed the back of the title, than the car is yours, even if 10 seconds later the engine blows. Buying from a dealer is different, dealers have to adhere to the laws of their state regarding sales of used cars, and in most states there are some laws that protect the consumer in one way or another. The ONLY time which you will have a right to return the car regardless of who the seller is (dealer or private), is when: 1) Odometer is not the actual reading and the seller did not disclose that. (its a federal law, they have to) 2) If the car has frame damage, salvage title, or any other type of title other than "clear" and the seller didn't disclose. These 2 conditons have to be reported to the buyer, and most sellers will even include the fact on the bill of sale to protect themselves. But if they fail to inform you and you find out about it later, than you have to be reimbursed. Hope this helped you out.

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Q: What if you change your mind after buying a used motorcycle?
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What should you check when buying used motorcycle parts?

A buyer should check the return policy of the store when buying used motorcycle parts. Used parts should come with some sort of guarantee for their performance.

Which manufacturer is best when buying a used motorcycle?

When you're buying a used motorcycle, the manufacturer matters much less than the quality and condition of the cycle, as a good brand can still be a bad bike.

Do I have any time to change mind in GA once contract is signed on a used car from a dealer?

In the state of Georgia there is no grace period after buying a used car. Once the contract is signed the car belongs to the buyer and they cannot change their mind.

Can you change your mind after buying a used car from an individual if you are under 18?

Sure! But it is up to the seller to agree to take it back. LOL

How long after you sign papers for buying a used car do you have to change your mind in Maine?

Once you sign the papers you cannot change your mind unless the seller agrees. Buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

Is there a 30 day return policy in Massachusetts when buying a used motorcycle from a dealer?

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of any vehicle or motorcycle.

What should be kept in mind before buying a laptop?

Before buying a laptop you should always keep in mind you budget. You must also decide what it ill be used for work or play.

I am buying a used motorcycle from an indivual what paperwork should he give me?

Title Bill of Sale i think that's all you need

Where can you find a used motorcycle?

The cheapest place to start is in the newspaper. Most dealers have a "used section" but tend to steer you towards buying a new one.

What website could someone use to sell used Yamaha parts?

Yamaha used and vintage motorcycle parts can be sold with Gogo Cycles. The "parts" market is more in selling parts than buying old, and used motorcycle parts. Try a salvage yard and see if they can purchase the Yamaha motorcycle parts.

How many days do you have to change your mind after buying a used car?

It all depends on which state you are from and the laws regarding this from each state. For instance, in Nebraska where I live you have 3 business days to back out of nearly any contract.

What do you do if you change your mind for buying a new car in Virginia?

You can't change your mind. You bought it and you own it. Besides it is no longer a new car, it is a used car worth far less then the moment you drove it off the lot. The Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle. The only way you could is if the selling dealer was offering such an arrangement.

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