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The insurance follows the VEHICLE not the driver. The coverage that is on the vehicle will apply. IF the damage is under the deductible...this may want to be paid out of pocket. Who should take responsibility...well, that can be argued, but usually a friend dhould offer to pay the damages as they did the damage. YOU caused the damage, YOU are responsible to pay to fix it, out of your OWN poocket. It is called being a "ADULT" and taking responsibility for your own actions.

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Q: What if you drove another friends car and while backing up you cause slight damage to the drivers side of the car Who is responsible your deductible is 1000 and the estimates are 842?
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Who is responsible when backing out in a parking lot?

The person who is backing out of the parking space

Should a deductible be paid for husbands parked car that was hit by wifes car as she was backing up?

Any time there's a claim which will be paid by the Insurance co, a deductible is paid by the insured.

What are synonyms for behind?

at the rear of, after, following, supporting, backing, for, causing, responsible for, instigating

Will you get paid if someone hits my car backing out of a parkinglot while you were traveling through?

Yes, in all states the person backing is responsible for any accidents.

Who is at fault if backing out of a parking lot space and another vehicle behind you is also backing out?

both of you for not looking back

What are the laws in Indiana about backing?

as far as know the laws are the same in any state. the person backing up is responsible for making sure the path is clear behind their vrhicle.

Who is in the wrong when you hit another car backing out of your drive?

The vehicle that was performing the backing maneuver is generally always the one at fault.

What is another word for backing someone up?

stand up for them

Is the driver responsible if an accident happens while backing up?

everything can happen with everybody. you can be as smart or as responsible as you want but still you're still human being!

What will happen Florida when you back up into a parked car?

The law in every state is very clear about backing. The person backing up/out is at fault and responsible for any damages, regardless of the other vehicle's speed and/or position. It's also known as:"Limitations on backing".

What is another word for favor?

support, help, cooperation, backing, aid

If you are backing up in a parking lot and you strike a car that is parked where there is not even a spot are you liable or is he?

Think about this your are backing up, and your neighbors little boy is playing in your yard, and he isn't supposed to be in your yard and you hit him, (a) did you see him? can you hit him because he is not supposed to be there? We are responsible to know what is behind us and be aware of where our car is going. Two wrongs do not make it right. I think you are responsible for hitting a car that is behind you when your are backing up.

Who is responsible when a car backing out of driveway collides with car pulling away from curb?

O.K. The vehicle that is backing out is backing out from private property. The vehicle that is pulling away should have the right of way. You see when a vehicle is trying to enter a Highway via driveway, parking lot, ect. he is ASKING for the right of way and he is responsible for yielding. Hope this helps. Thanks CMAC, 8 year SC State Trooper

When backing out of a driveway with a parked car directly opposite the driveway on a two lane road who is responsible if the car that is backing up hits the parked car?

The car in motion is ALWAYS at fault when it hits a stationary vehicle.

If you were parked in a parking space and you back out of your spot and while you are still backing out of it another car backs into you That is their fault right?

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

What happens when you hit someone backing up when that person has an expired drivers license?

If you're responsible for the accident, you're still responsible even if the other person hasn't got a driver's license.

What is a jam nut used for?

A jam nut locks another nut from backing off.

Who is at fault when a vehicle is backing up to park crosses a drive through lane and collides with another vehicle?

Most likely the the vehicle doing the backing up would be at fault.

Why when you peel a sticker from its paper backing the two attract one another?

they both are like paper get it ...

What is another word for sticking up for something?

standing up for something defending backing up

What is the difference between manually backing up your files and backing up your files automatically?

By backing up Manually one would have to do it yourself correctly every time "by hand", while automatically you insert your desired settings into Windows or another backup software to do it for you for as long as you want.

In Canada who is at fault if a car hit another car while backing up?

The backing. The other car has the right of way wether they saw you or not doesn't change that. If it was parked, that's even worse.

Who is at fault in Washington state where a vehicle is backing out and is almost completely out when another car hit the car backing?

Fault here would likely be shared. On the one hand, the driver backing really has no legal right to the lane they are backing into - you cannot cut someone off while you are backing up. But it seems you have described a situation in which the individual backing was well into the backing process when someone came along, from quite a distance, and hit them. Hence the driver in the lane already probably had the last clear chance to avoid the accident but chose not to and would hence bear the majority of the fault.

You were driving down a main road driver came out of his driveway and hit your car who is responsible?

The driver travelling in reverse is almost always responsible. In this case, he would have had a duty to ensure the road was clear before backing out of the driveway.

Who is at fault when a truck backing out of a parking space hits another car that stopped behind it as it was backing out in order to allow a friend to get into the car?

it is not the trucks falt because the carstopped behind the truck when they new it was pulling out