What if you got Harvard and Princeton which one you choose to go?

To be honest, this is going to depend from person to person. One will definitely not be put at a disadvantage for picking Harvard over Princeton or vice versa. Both provide a world-class education for every student, so you really can't go wrong with either one. Again, it's all going to depend on how you will fit at each school. I'll provide some qualities of each school to give you an idea on which one would be better for you.


--Urban Setting (Cambridge/Boston area)

--Large Overall Student Body (roughly 6,500 undergrads and roughly 13,000 grad students)

--Medium-Sized Undergraduate Student Body (~6,500 students)

--Liberal Arts Education

--Incredible Amount of Prestige

--More recognized for its graduate programs than for its undergraduate programs


--Small Town/Suburban Setting (Princeton, NJ - population of roughly 30,000 to 40,000)

--Medium-Sized Overall Student Body (roughly 5,000 undergrads and roughly 2,500 grad students)

--Medium-Sized Undergraduate Student Body (~5,000 students)

--Liberal Arts Education

--Incredible Amount of Prestige, although not quite as much as Harvard (Harvard is 110 years older, so that's to be expected)

--Highly acclaimed for its undergraduate focus - probably the best place to be for an undergraduate, in my opinion

Also, some other things to add:

--Princeton is roughly 1 hour away from Philadelphia and roughly an hour and a half from New York City.

--Princeton, unlike Harvard, does not have any professional schools (business, law, or medicine). This adds to the school's mission, which is focusing on the quality of the undergraduate education.

--Harvard has the largest endowment of any school in the country. Princeton, while its overall endowment is about half that of Harvard's, has the largest endowment PER CAPITA (per student) of any school in the country. This is due to the fact that Princeton's student body consists of roughly 7,500 students, while Harvard's student body consists of roughly 19,500 students.

In the end, both schools are absolutely amazing, and anyone accepted to one or both of them will end up receiving an incredible education. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to Princeton this past year, so I'm eager to be able to experience what life is like at such a great institution. I hope this summary helps a little bit. If you need any more explaining, feel free to post some responses, and I'll get back as soon as possible.