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Something is probably wrong with your front end. Possible it's your brakes but not likely.

2006-09-06 19:58:40
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What is the term that describes the application pf pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment?

The pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment is called traction.

What do you call applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment?

Traction involves applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment.

Front end vibration and pulling to the left?

alignment and balancing

What is the application of pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment?


2001 Chevy cavilier pulling to the right?

Alignment.... get it fixed. or make sure you dont have a low tire.. probably alignment though

How do you know if your tires need balanced vs a front end alignment?

A alignment is needed if its pulling to one side. Where as a balance is needed if the car is viberating.

Does a pendulum move by earths gravity and rotation?

A pendulum moves not by Earth's rotation, but by gravity pulling down and causing it to swing.

What is the problem when your car keeps pulling to the right and your wheel is shaking?

The only that I know of is that you need an alignment.

Why is the car pulling to the left?

Most commonly a pull to one side indicates the front end out of alignment. Taking the vehicle to an alignment shop can confirm that the front end needs to be adjusted.

What procedure exerts a pulling force on the distal end of the affected limb?

Traction is a pulling force exerted on a limb in a distal direction in an effort to return a bone or joint to normal alignment.

Why does the steering for your ford bronco pull to the left or right depending on what way you turn a corner?

The steering of your Bronco could be pulling because your alignment may be off. Only a certified mechanic can reset your alignment.

Why is your Ford Taurus is shaking and pulling to the left?

You need a front-end alignment. Most garages charge $50-$75.

What will front alignment fix?

rapid or uneven tire wear, poor handling, "pulling" to one side or another, drifting...

Auto Alignment?

form_title=Auto Alignment form_header=Keep your vehicle on the right track! We will help you find an experienced alignment specialist. Have you hit anything or gone over any curbs that would have thrown your vehicle out of alignment? If so, explain.=_ Has your car ever been aligned?= () Yes () No Which direction do you feel your vehicle pulling?= () Left () Right

Why would 2003 Chevy venture start pulling to the right?

Either because of tire pressure, bent frame, or needs an alignment.

When do you need tire alignment?

every time you get new tires and when you hit a really hard pothole, when your car starts pulling, or if your in a collision.

What does rotation of a planet mean?

The rotation of a planet means that it's revolves around the sun's gravitational pull. Since all planets are hanging around in the universe and the sun are pulling them by it's gravity it causes some sort of magnetic rotation!

Why are strong astronomical bodies such as planets and stars round?

A combination of gravity (pulling inward in all directions) and centrifugal force from rotation (pulling outward at the equator) produces a spheroidal shape.

When is a car alignment needed?

Assuming that one is referring to a front wheel alignment, there are a number of signs that can indicate that this process is required. If the car has driven over 100,000 miles since the last alignment, the front tires are wearing unevenly, the front of the car shakes when driving on a smooth surface, or the car is pulling to one side, a front wheel alignment is probably needed.

What is the medical term meaning pulling force exerted on a limb in a distal direction in an effort to return the bone or joint to normal alignment?


What is crop rotation and how do peanuts help it?

Crop rotation is planting different crops in different years. This prevents pulling out all the nutrients by a specific type of crop. Peanuts and other legumes help return nitrogen to the soil. Rotation improves the crop yields.

2003 Megane steering pulling to left Got tracking done 3 times but remains the same any ideas?

This sounds like it could be the overall alignment of the car. The car should be aligned and then the steering should stop pulling toward either side.

What does traction mean?

GeneralPulling or drawing, or the power used.AutomobilesThe concept of achieving grip between vehicle wheels and the ground without slip, skid or sinkage.MedicineA procedure for manually pulling a part of the body to a beneficial effect, as in the alignment of broken bones.

Why is your 1995 Tahoe pulling to the right?

Brake dragging? Alignment gone bad? Wheel bearing shot? Lots of things sould cause this. The longer you wait the more expensive it will be.

How did pioneers fix broken limbs?

Pioneers would fix broken limbs by pulling the broken bones apart first to align them. They would then place them in alignment and set them with a splint.