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Something is probably wrong with your front end. Possible it's your brakes but not likely.

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Q: What if you had a tire alignment done 5 times with brand new directional tires plus a tire rotation and the car is stilling pulling to the right?
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What is the term that describes the application pf pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment?

The pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment is called traction.

What do you call applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment?

Traction involves applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment.

Front end vibration and pulling to the left?

alignment and balancing

What is the application of pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment?


2001 Chevy cavilier pulling to the right?

Alignment.... get it fixed. or make sure you dont have a low tire.. probably alignment though

How do you know if your tires need balanced vs a front end alignment?

A alignment is needed if its pulling to one side. Where as a balance is needed if the car is viberating.

Does a pendulum move by earths gravity and rotation?

A pendulum moves not by Earth's rotation, but by gravity pulling down and causing it to swing.

What is the problem when your car keeps pulling to the right and your wheel is shaking?

The only that I know of is that you need an alignment.

Why is the car pulling to the left?

Most commonly a pull to one side indicates the front end out of alignment. Taking the vehicle to an alignment shop can confirm that the front end needs to be adjusted.

What procedure exerts a pulling force on the distal end of the affected limb?

Traction is a pulling force exerted on a limb in a distal direction in an effort to return a bone or joint to normal alignment.

What will front alignment fix?

rapid or uneven tire wear, poor handling, "pulling" to one side or another, drifting...

Why is your Ford Taurus is shaking and pulling to the left?

You need a front-end alignment. Most garages charge $50-$75.

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