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What if you have a hard time speaking to your crush?

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Try not to think about him being your crush until you feel comfortable about being around him then you can slowly get closer if hes comfortable don't push or he'll get uncomfortable.

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Why is it so hard to get over your crush?

it is hard because you like him/her and you think about his/her all the time. you need to stop thinking about him/her and do something better with your time!

Who was Peeta speaking of as his crush from home?


Why is it hard to crush a flea?

Fleas are hard to crush because they have a hard shell that protects them. There are over 2,000 species of fleas throughout the world.

How hard is a tiger bite?

Hard enough to crush your bones

When's the right time to talk to your crush?

You can talk to your crush anytime. There is no specific time to talk to your crush.

How hard can a hyena bite?

Hard enough to crush/chew bone!!!

How do you get over a crush you don't want to have?

I have been having the hardest time with this, too. I am still having a hard time letting him go, but every time I see him (especially with other girls), I just try hard to look at him as my friend, and try to be happy for him. Meanwhile, I have been on the hunt for a cuter and less stressful crush to replace him. Hope this helped!!

Do werewolves jaws could crush bones?

As they are so hard and sharp it is able to crush bones

You think I'm in love with this guy but you have never met but each time you see a picture of him or hear his singing voice you get all tingly is it love or just a crush?

Crush. Sorry, I know it's hard to believe, but it is definitley a crush. Until you actually know their real personality, it's a crush.

What are the molars used for?

to crush and grind hard food

What is the best bag for crush resistence for my Nikon camera?

For crush resistance, a hard case such as the Vanguard VGP-3201 Digital Camera Hard Case is an excellent choice.

Are bedbug body's hard when you crush them?

No, their body is not hard. But be advised that when you crush them they have a distinctive smell...almost like a varnish or wood stain. Whatever you crush them on such as bedding, clothing, etc. will be staind with a dark rust color almost black.

What should you do if your crush has a crush on a girl who is better than you?

Dont spend your time to the crush of your crush..... If you are ready you may just tell to your crush that you are more better than her (and kick the face of the crush of your crush(just Joking)or you may go to your crush and talk him something funny and if you be a friend that's good and do your good plan at that time..........!!(smile)

What is big time crush about?

Big time crush is what girls refer to when they have a crush n one of the boys in the band. I am not sure but I also think it is a episode of the show.

What to do when someone has a crush on you but you have a crush on their best friend?

Tell the person who has a crush on you the truth. I know everyone would say that and its REALLY hard to be so honest with someone telling them you like their best friend but its the best way to get it done without hard feelings.

What did Abraham Lincoln do when he was a kid?

Generally speaking, it is best known that he studied hard under difficult frontier circumstances, worked hard (as was common at the time), and was very loving of his stepmother.

Does a guy have a crush on you if when talking you caught him off guard and he got all flustered and muddled up his words?

Hard to say that he has a crush on you just because your talking and he gets flustered. I would say it would depend on what you were talking about, was it something personal, was it about something you knew more about than he did? Was it sexual? If it happens all the time when your speaking to him, then yes you could have something there, if its a rare thing and it only happened once, no not a crush. Go out with him one on one if your interested and see how he is then.... No, it means you caught him off guard when he wasn't ready to talk to you

Who does Logan from Big Time Rush have a crush on?

He has a crush on me so back off

Your best friend has a crush on this guy This guy actually has a crush on you and you dont know if you have a crush on him what should you do?

happens allthe time

What type of bonding is hard or difficult to crush?

ionic bonds

How do you ignore your crush and make him jealous?

Be hard and hang out with other boys

How do you get rid of your crush on your close friend?

You don't get 'rid' of a crush or liking. It is an emotional response. It cannot be picked up and thrown away as a piece of litter.Emotions take time to dissipate, or often intensify.It simply takes time.

Does Percy have a crush on Rachel?

yes and no. he has a crush on her but at the same time he doesnt know how he feels about her

How will you know your crush is in love with you?

if you so him look at you for a long time or ask his friend if who is his crush

How do you talk to your crush when they know you like them?

You start small talk when the subject comes around, ask them if they like you. (Somehow, Everything that has to do with your crush is hard.)