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If you are NOT At Fault you have no responsibility and the vehicles insurance company that is at fault must pay all damages and costs including a rental car. If you are at fault it depends on the vehicles insurance policy if it covers alternate drivers.

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Q: What if you were in a car accident that was not your fault though you did not have insurance but the vehicle is insured?
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Can you get a ticket for driving with no insurance if you are pulled over driving a borrowed car that is not insured even though your personal car is insured MN?

Absolutely. You are responsible for making sure the vehicle that you are driving is insured. It does not make any difference that you have other car insurance or even that the owner of the vehicle has other insurance. If there is not insurance on the vehicle you are driving then you are guilty.

Can you report an accident or claim after your insurance is cancelled even though you were insured at the time of accident?

Yes.. but make sure you have good documentation with dates on the accident reports.

If you co-sign a car lease can you get sued even though you aren't on the insurance and the person gets into an accident?

Yes, the owners of the vehicle (and driver of course) are the ones sued, it has nothing to do with who is the named insured on the insurance policy.

Can you go after the auto insurance co of your employer if your involved in an auto accident in your work vehicle and it was your fault?

Yes. If it's a company car and is insured through your employer, the employer's insurance company would pay out the claim. The accident would still show up on your record though.

Who is responsible for damage done to a uninsured vehicle?

If you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you and your insurance company are still liable for all damages, even though the other vehicle has no insurance. The only thing that will happen to the other driver is a citation for driving with no insurance.

What is it called when one insurance company is repaid by another insurance company?

Subrogation, It's basically when an insured's insurance carrier pays for the damage done to their vehicle, even though it was the other parties fault. The insured's carrier will then go after the other parties carrier for reimbursement.

What happenes if you hit someones car and they live the scene because they have no insurance.?

You prey that the other driver doesn't find out that even though he was not insured, you and your insurance co. are still liable for all damages. You still need to report the accident to your insurance co, though.

If you were in an accident with no insurance and it was not your fault but the other car at fault has insurance and was issused a ticket will there insurance company pay you or the bank?

The at-fault party's insurance should cover your vehicle. EVEN THOUGH OUR INSURANCE HAD RUN OUT BY AMONTH?

What is the legal if drives your friend car in that car is not insured and you get a ticket for driving without insurance?

If there is no insurance on the vehicle and you get a ticket for driving without insurance you are guilty of the offense and will have to pay your fine. Even though the vehicle belongs to someone else it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure there is valid auto insurance on the vehicle before driving it.

Who is responsible for a car accident the car owner or the person the insurance policy is under and the car owners friend is driving owner insured owners friend?

The people responsible for an automobile accident are those who are operating the involved vehicles at the time of the accident - unless the cause is mechanical failure or some other event outside the control or any of the operators. The person responsible for paying for the resulting damages may be the vehicle owners or the person who bought the vehicle insurance (usually, but not always, the same person). When operator negligence is involved, the operator may be responsible for paying the damages, even though the operator is not the insured person.

Can someone else drive your car?

Yes, if they have a licence, also they have to be insured on your car. Or they have to have a special insurance so you can drive others car. Hope I helped even though i dont drive.In the UK - if you have a valid policy of comprehensive motor insurance on your own own motor vehicle you will often be insured to drive third party in another person's vehicle, Clearly you would need the consent of the other vehicle owner and you should check your own policy of motor insurance. To see the different types of motor insurance policy in the UK - notably the difference between comprehensive and third party see the link entitled - "Car accident Insurance".

Can you be fined for driving without proof of insurance even though you are insured and just can't find the card inside the vehicle at the time of the pull over?

Probably, most states require proof of insurance.

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