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What is your question? A car that has never been titled can still be sold as new, even if it is 1 or 2 years old. It is just a new car with mileage. Commonly called "Demonstrators". It might be easier to think of it this way: ALL new cars are untitled but not all UNTITLED cars are NEW. " Demos " or " Demonstrators " are new cars that have been used by the dealership( or one of its employees ) for a certain period of time and then returned to retail stock to be sold. There are certain special rules that apply to demos that vary by manufacturer but, provided they are current year ( 2005 )or newer (2006), they can be financed and warranted as " new " eventhough they may have a few thousand miles on the odometer. Once the CALENDAR year changes(January '06)then ALL the 2005 year models are one year old/used from the lender's/insurance co's perspective regardless of whether they've been titled or not. Again, there are certain exceptions with demos, but the situation in the car market is pretty much as described above. -David

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Q: What if you were told a car was being sold as new cause it was never titled?
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