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Q: What if your lips turn purple and your oxygen level drop?
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Is red lips a symstom of too much oxygen?

It might be. Since lack of oxygen makes your lips purple or black

What can cause your lips to turn purple?

when you're cold your lips will turn a blueish purple

Why does Obama have purple lips?

President Obama does not have purple lips. Your TV needs a color adjustment.

Why do your lips turn purple?

Yes they do turn purple but i do not know why

Does smoking make your lips turn purple?

If your lips get purple it would be smart to bet warm fast and drink something hot to heat up your body. purple lips come from being to cold and if your lips are icey blue and your figers are turing blueish than you should get out quick and warm up! though purple lips aren't that bad just whatch your self.

What happens if your lacking oxygen?

Hyperventilation. Skin (especially around the finger nails and lips) starts to turn blue/purple. Dizziness. Eventually loss of consciousness.

What do purple spots on lips mean?

that your can be sick.

If blood pressure reading is 130 over 58 and your lips occasionally turn purple what does this indicate?

Lips turning purple or blue *could* be a sign of cyanosis, which indicates that you are not getting enough oxygen. There are a variety of conditions that can cause this, and all of them require a doctor's care. I would see a doctor immediately to investigate what is going on..

Will vascular disease cause purple lips?


Can purple lips mean anemia in a young teenager?


What would cause Lips turning blue just before a nocturnal seizure in adults?

my daughter had a seizure this week and when she was on a monitor her heart rate dropped from 140 to 70. with this said if the heart rate drops you have decreased blood profusion through the body which can cause lips, fingers and toes to turn blue. this is what happened to her. It was freaky. Her oxygen level did not drop.

Which baby lips is the best flavor?

I think the best baby lips flavor is peppermint and grape vine. peppermint is clear but it smells awesome and is really moisturizing! grape vine is a purple color and makes your lips have a nice purple tint to it!! BABY LIPS ARE AWESOME!