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What if your oil filter on your 1993 chevy s10 2.8 is stuck you tried to take it off with the oil filter tool but it only bent the filter really bad how can you get it off?

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2010-01-29 08:02:12

"Use_Screw_Driver" id="Use_Screw_Driver">Use Screw Driver

Drive a screw-driver through the oil filter. This will give you two

handles to hold onto, the screw-driver handle and the other end

that is sticking out the other side. Grab on, then turn. Make sure

the screw-driver is long enough to go through and stick out the

other side. Also be usre to "stick it" at an angle so that nothing

is in the way and once it is in, it can be turned.

"Answer" id="Answer">Answer

punch a screw driver through the filter it might get messy but the

job will be done

Improved answer?: Be sure to allow enough room to turn the

screwdriver!!! A second alternative would be to carefully use a

screwdriver like a cold chisel, to tap the filter loose. Do so by

using it on the base of the filter where there is more metal to get

a bite on. Again be sure to leave yourself some room, most likely

you will need to turn the filter almost a quarter of a turn before

it will break free. Use extreme diligence not to mare the surface

of the engine block or to punch any holes in any other components.

An experienced mechanic or handyman should preform this


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