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What impact did abolitionists have on the history of slavery in the US?

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Pretty big. We don't have slavery anymore.

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Who were the abolitionists?

Abolitionists were people in the US who sought to abolish, or end, slavery in the 1800's. Whether or not to abolish slavery was a key issue that led to the US Civil War.

What does abolition mean?

Abolition means to get rid of something, to discard, rescind or do away with. In the context of US history, is means to do away with slavery. People who campaigned to end slavery were known as abolitionists.

What impact did the US Civil War have on history?

After the war, the south rejoined the north, and slavery was emancipated.

What group of people wanted to ban slavery in every part of the US?

The Abolitionists.

What group wanted to ban slavery in the us?

the north. most northern people were abolitionists, so that means they didnt like the idea of slavery. there were few abolitionists in the south, and they could be black or white. hope this helps you!

Why were abolitionists so hated by the North?

Generally speaking abolitionists meant people in favor of abolishing slavery in the United States and in any territories owned by the US. In the Northern US States, the average citizen, may have been against slavery, however, they did not see it as a main issue, ( before the US Civil War ).There was no widespread hatred of abolitionists in the North. In the Southern States where most of the slaves lived, Southerners saw slavery as a way of life. It could be said that for the most part they had a strong disdain for people against slavery.As an aside, however, even abolitionists did not consider slaves to be equal to Whites.

What were abolitionists trying to abolish?

The antebellum anti slavery abolitionists were a group of people located for the most part in the US Northern States that wanted slavery abolished. Their particular area of concern was in the South where up until the time of the US Civil War had approximately 4 million slaves.

Why did the North react negatively to the radical abolitionists?

Most Americans usually then and now do not favor "radical" policies. At the time of the Abolitionists, it was the states' laws that allowed for slavery. Later the US Supreme Court endorsed slavery. The American public was not "ready" for the immediate end of slavery in the antebellum days. They saw it as disruptive and even causing national divisions. It cannot be overstated that slavery had been part of the US since before it was an nation. And, on an international basis, slavery of one type or another had almost always existed.The morality of the abolitionists was noble and courageous.

What was the difference between abolitionists and people who were anti slavery?

In the years leading up to (and also including) the American Civil War, opponents of the Southern way of life were not completely of one mind. Those who belonged to the "anti-slavery" camp generally opposed slavery but, often if not always, were content to allow it to remain in the South. Those who were "abolitionists" were much more zealous: they sought to eradicate slavery in all of its forms, even if that meant revolutionizing (or even destroying) Southern life in its antebellum form. The abolitionists demanded an immediate end to slavery regardless of the consequences. People such as Lincoln believed a gradual end to slavery, with compensation to the slave owners was a good idea. Once the US Civil War began all that changed.

How does slavery impact us today?

It is important to note that in most societies in the world slavery is no more.

A large number of reformers particularly in the north felt slavery was the greatest social evil in the US these reformers were known as?


What was a person who wanted to end slavery completely in the US?

abolitionists like harriet tubman, fredrick douglass, and sojourner truth

What were persons against slavery in the US called?

Before and during the US Civil War, people opposed to slavery were called abolitionists. Most Americans in the North did not favor slavery, however, they were not activists in opposing it. Later, during the war, many Union soldiers saw the plight of slaves they met in military campaigns in the South and became more agreeable with the Northern abolitionists.

Were abolitionists Americans that wanted to get rid of the tariff?

Abolitionists, were people who wanted to end slavery in western Europe and the Americas. Its origins were in the UK and spread to the USA and Canada. The Northern states of the US were in favour of abolishing slavery the Southern states were not. This led to the American Civil War.

What were ways that abolitionists spread word?

With the understanding that this question pertains to the US institution of slavery before the 1865 13th Amendment, antislavery abolitionists used various ways to help end the existence of slavery in the US. The following major methods were widely used in the North. These were basically impossible to do in the South: 1. Antislavery newspapers and books consistently advocated the abolition of slavery in the North; 2. Abolitionists campaigned for elected antislavery candidates for all levels of government in the North; and 3. Churches in the North used their pulpits to speak against slavery.

What did abolitionists do for us?

They were responsible for ending slavery in the United States, along with the Civil War, Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln.

What was the impact of the end of slavery had on people in the US?

Probably something bad

How has slavery affected the history of the US?

Slavery was directly responsible for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

How did William Lloyd garrison change history?

he changed history by not having slavery in US

What was The worst thing the US did in its history?

Slavery and 9/11

What did abolitionist want to end?

The group of US citizens named the antislavery abolitionists wanted to end slavery in the United States. This group of great influence believed that slavery was wrong and contradicted the Declaration of Independence.

What impact did slavery have on the relationship between Texas and the US especially with regard to the annexation of Texas to the US?


How did abolitionists help end slavery?

This requires a subjective answer because the end of slavery was the result of the Union remaining intact by defeating the Confederacy. The anti slavery abolitionists had words and influence but they had no army. This is not meant as a funny remark by the way. In my opinion as a student of US History, both when in high school, college and my interest in the War after that, the Abolitionists served to extend slavery. Here is why: A. The Abolitionists tended to radicalize their position against slavery; B. Politically speaking, because slavery had been a part of the Western Hemisphere for a few centuries, slavery was not a new issue; C. With that fact in mind, I have read of no Abolitionist formula or planned way to free the slaves in the South without it causing a major political and economic disruption to the entire Union; D. The Abolitionists had a strong "front man" in the person of the US President, Abraham Lincoln; E. Lincoln had at least one plan to end slavery based on the plan Great Britain used in the West Indies; F. The Abolitionist failed to see that their strongest supporter, Lincoln, had the correct agenda, which was to preserve the Union at all costs and take care of the slavery issue after that; G. The Abolitionists' other positions ( in political terms, their bad baggage ) was their intolerance of non - Protestant religions, and the fact that they themselves wanted no slavery, but did not consider freed slaves to be equal with White Protestants; and I. In my humble opinion, their radicalism, made Northerners less comfortable with the anti slavery movement. The bottom line as I see it, is this: Without the Civil War, (which no sound mind wanted ) the radicalism of those radically opposed to slavery, injured the movement to abolish slavery in the United States.

Why were abolitionists questioning the war?

In the early stages of the US Civil War, it was clearly US President Lincoln's plan to keep the United States a whole nation and stop the Southern rebellion. Anti slavery abolitionists were concerned that early on Lincoln did not proclaim that his use of military force was to abolish slavery. Rather, Lincoln clearly had the goal of keeping the Union as one nation.

Was slavery been around for over 200 years?

Slavery has been with us sin before recorded history. It is still with us today