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beetle is the insect that has orange body with a black head and brown wings

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The orange-headed wasp moth has black and yellow-orange stripes on its body in a pattern similar to a bee. The wings of this insect are black with white spots.

Sandflies have black wings with an orange stripe. They live in nests that they build on dirt mounds and piles.

Certain types of dragonflies have transparent wings. Some dragonflies have a black body and orange dots along the length of the body.

The Australian wasp is a small black wasp with wings. This insect has a large orange spot on the lower part of its thorax.

Sand flies live in nests that they build in dirt mounds. They have a black and orange body with wings and a hard shell.

Carpenter bees are very large bees with a black body and black wings. They also have an orange stripe in the center of the body.

Flying ants are a type of ant that has wings. This insect has a black body, red wings and black spots.

One butterfly with the colorful black, orange, and white pattern is the Red Admiral. This butterfly has red-orange stripes and white spots on dark brown-black wings.

The boxelder bug is a black bug whose wings are orange-striped in the shape of the letter "y." The insect in question (Boisea trivittata) sports two sets of wings, with the upper set being edged in orange.

The Ladyfinger moth has a black or brown body and pink wings. This species of moth happens to look like a wasp.

The black beetle has six legs and a hard brown back wings. It is also a beetle that does not use the wings to fly but instead crawls on its legs.

The Australian Braconid Wasp has an orange head with black eyes, a black body and abdomen with white bands on the back of the abdomen.

Stinkbugs are a common nuisance in houses during the summer. They have light brown wings with white spots on them.

This could be a variety of fire ant. Some Fire ants have furry bodies that are black for the most part with a bright orange section at the rear.

insect that has white spots on black wings with red hind area. looks like a small moth or wasp with out a stinger

a bug with a body of a black wasp with blue wings

A clear insect with wings could be a number of insects. This could either be a termite, earwig or an ant with wings.

The insect that has black wings with pink spots on them is called the five-spot burnet moth. It is usually found in North America.

There is no such thing EDIT: Actually, There is, I Have some Bugs In My Basement That Look That Way. It's Either a termite or ant With Wings. I would also like to know what it is, So I can get rid of it.

A baby bird with an orange beak, beige chest, brown head and wings, and a black tail with white spots on it is probably a spotted towee. This bird can be found throughout much of the Pacific Northwest, including in and around Seattle.

no the insect wings have no muscles

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