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A specific woodwind quintet can contain any woodwind instruments.

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When was Vancouver Woodwind Quintet created?

Vancouver Woodwind Quintet was created in 1968.

Is the french horn a woodwind?

The french horn is a brass instrument. The sound of the horn can mix very nice with the sound of woodwind instruments. The horn is the only brass instrument that is used in the classical wind quintet, which consist of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. This quintet is sometimes referred to as "woodwind quintet", although the horn really is not a woodwind.

Can you include a trombone instead of a flute in a woodwind quintet?

Maybe, but then it wouldn't really be a woodwind quintet. A classic woodwind quintet includes flute, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, and French horn.

What brass instrument plays in the woodwind quintet?

French horn. The woodwinds in the quintet are flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Saxophone is not a standard member of the woodwind quintet, even though it is a woodwind instrument.

What is a woodwind quintet?

A woodwind quintet is a chamber ensemble that consists of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and french horn.

Why is a saxophone not in woodwind quintet?

Some woodwind quintets have saxophones.

What are the 6 instruments in the woodwind family?

The six instruments of the woodwind family are: Doublereeds: The Oboe The Bassoon Single Reeds: The Clarinet The Saxophone no reed at all: the Flute and the least likely member of the woodwind family is The French Horn. The french horn gets into the woodwind family because it is a member of the standard woodwind quartet and woodwind quintet. It is, of course, also a member of the brass family.

How many instruments play in a quintet?

Five instruments play in a quintet.

How many instruments are in a Piano Quintet and what are they?

There are five voices or instraments in a quintet

Why was the name woodwind givin to these instruments?

woodwind is the name to the woodwind instruments because they were originally made of wood. Hence the nameWOODwind

Single reed woodwind instruments?

the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

What instruments do you blow?

Woodwind and brass instruments

Should a trombone be included in a woodwind quintet?

*Info* I'm in the 7th grade, and in a quintet with an oboe, french horn, clarinet (not bass), a trombone, and I play the bassoon. I've been looking for almost a week and have yet to find any music with our odd combination. Should I simply transcribe a flute to trombone, or replace the trombone with a flute? ==================================================== For a true woodwind quintet, you would need to omit both the trombone and the french horn. These are not woodwind instruments. But to answer your real question, (in my opinion) you would probably be better off ditching the trombone and bringing in a flute.

What woodwind instruments produce slow vibrations?

Low-toned woodwind instruments, such as the basoon and bass sax.

Which 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range?

what 3 woodwind instruments play in the middle range

Why are woodwind instruments called that way?

They are called woodwinds because of the reeds the reeds are made out of wood so therefore they are called woodwind instruments and brass instruments don't use use reeds so they are not woodwind instruments

What woodwind instrument has a single reed?

the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family) the single reed woodwind instruments: clarinet, saxophone (family)

What are the four main orchestral woodwind instruments are?

The four main Woodwind instruments :FlutesClarinetsSaxophonesBassoons

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