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Latitude and Longitude

What is 45.4 N 75.7?


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January 07, 2015 5:13PM

Unless I miss my guess, it looks like a set of geographic coordinates that describes
the location of a point on the Earth's surface.

If so, it's slightly ambiguous because, although the latitude is clearly marked 'N' for 'North',
the longitude is marked neither 'E' for 'East' nor 'W' for 'West', so we can only narrow the
location down to two possibilities:

-- If the longitude is 75.7 degrees East, then the point is located in southeastern Kazakhstan,
near the border with China and about 134 miles west-northwest of Taldy Kurgan.

-- If the longitude is 75.7 degrees West, then the point is located about 430-ft south-southwest
of the intersection of Carling Ave and Bronson Ave, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.