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Q: What is Columbia's major holiday?
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What is columbias major religion?

Colombia's (as in the south American country)is Catholic. 95% of the people in Colombia are Catholic

What is Columbias language?


What is british columbias temperature in the summer?


What was british columbias population in 1871?

It was 36,247.

What is British columbias tartan?

Columbia Tartan

What is a major holiday in Nicaragua?


What was the effect of columbias voyage to the Americas?

you guys are stupid

What is british columbias top industry?

Fishery and Lumber

What is the Major holiday of Islam?

Major holiday is going hajj. In fact it's a duty to every Muslim who can afford going

What are the holiday hours of the major department stores?

What are holiday hours for Elder Beerman?

What is one of british Columbia's major natural resources?

lumber,copper,coal,natural gas,oil,zinc,gold,silver,nickel,iron,&fish are British Columbias major natural resources!

What is the Major holiday of Christianity?

Easter and Christmas are considered the major holidays

What is Greece's major holidays?

Easter. Easter is the only major holiday

What was the first space shuttles misson?

what was the columbias frist misson

What are Columbias Imports?

consumer goods, paper products, fuels, and electricity

What is Columbias state bird?

The Andean Condor is the national bird of Colombia.

What is a major holiday of el Salvador?

Columbus day

What major holiday's do they celebrate in London?

boutree junita

What major holiday is associated with mardi gras?

it is chritmas

What was the major holiday connected to the pilgrims and the natives?


What is one major holiday in Switzerland?

The National Day of Switzerland is a holiday that takes place August 1st.

What is British Columbias motto?

British Columbia's motto is "Splendor without diminishment."

What is British Columbias physical regions?

B.C.s physical regon is the interrior plans.

What is British Columbias nick name?

British Columbia's nickname is Pacific Province.

Where is the Columbias capital city located?

Bogota is the capital and largest city of Colombia.