What is England's fashion?

Well, they are a little more wild then us. In Teen Vouge a couple months ago, they had a whole section on England's style. I personaly didn't like it but whatevs.

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English style is not wild i live in England but people do like 2 be indvidual and try to create there own look some people are fashion slaves who buy all the latest trends but not many. but 1 thing we brits do like to wear are skinny jeans and a bold tee, that has a motif on it like the name of a band or something, and emo shoes if you don't no what emo shoes are vans are equally as popular. but on a night out its more short and skimmpy dresses and skirts for the girls and loads of hairextensions orange tans and flawless makeup and very very high heels for guys its the same as day skinny jeans and a tee and maybe a hoddie. hope this helps