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What is Ick?

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== == The scientific name for this nuisance is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or "ich/ick" for short. It is the largest known ciliated protozoan found on fishes. It appears on the body and fins as tiny white dots resembling grains of salt; hence the other nickname, "white spot disease." These white spots may join together to form white patches. Other signs of infestation can include excessive flashing (rubbing against the substrate or decorations), labored breathing, clamped fins, loss of appetite, lethargic and/or reclusive behavior, and hovering near filter returns. Keep in mind, however, that all of these symptoms are common with fish in distress and do not point directly to Ich. As a matter of fact, flashing often occurs after routine water changes due simply to a fluctuation in general hardness.

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Can ick be given to other fish?

Yes, most of the time when fish have ick, all of the fish in the tank get it. If 1 fish in your tank has ick, treat the whole tank.

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Some fish get ick or ich when there are new fish introduced in the habitat or the food is no good

Can a human catch ick from splashed fish tank water on face?

I wouldn't think so since ick is a scale sickness and you don't have scales. My fish once had ick (their better now) and I didn't get sick with ick. but maybe you should ask an employee at a pet store.

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How do you treat Ick diseases on goldfish?

Purchase some medication from a pet shop. Follow the directions and the Ick will be destroyed.

Is ick contagious?

Yes, ick is highly contagious. Fish get it when they are stressed out, depressed, and/or weak. Ick is believed to be in water already.It spreads very quickly from one fish to another and you have to treat it right away. To treat ick, take the infected fish to a vet or use a home remedy such as salt or heat.

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This is a disease called Ick. Stop it by adding ick-stop available at any pet store.

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If you're referring to running a sterilizer, it won't help a fish that already has ick. But a sterilizer is cheap insurance and will help prevent future outbreaks of ick and other diseases. If you're referring to cleaning out a tank with bleach and then reassembling it, this will not help a fish that already has ick. But if your fish have already died then you MUST sterilize the tank before adding other fish. The ick can remain the water and re-infect new fish.

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