What is Leo's best match?

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A Leo's Best Match would be a SAGITTAURAS,ARIES,or a LIBRA..BUT THERES A CATCH..a Leo would have a good relationship with a libra but may have a short term relationship!

Leo's most compatible signs are Aries and Sagittarius.

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What is Leos best love match?

The best matches for a Leo are Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries.

What is Leo's perfect love match?

Leos are best matched with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

Are Leo and Scorpio a good love match?

No Leos are better with other leos aries, sagitarius, and geminis

Are GK leotards the best brand?

I only wear GK leos and they are in fact the best leos. Even our competition leos are GK, They are the best.

Does a Virgo and a Leo match?

Friendship is the best idea, because Leos can be too bossy and Virgos don't like that.

Can Leos and Capricorns be in a relationship?

Yes, but it's NOT the best match.

Are Aries and leos a good match?

Absolutley. Both signs share the same element which is fire.

What sign should an Aries date?

They go best with Leos and Sagittarius

Are Leos and Geminis compatible?

Yes. It's on of their best matches.

What does Leos veo manana mean?

"Leos veo mañana" mean "I see Leos tomorrow" in Spanish.

Do Leos get along with Leos?

Yes they get on very well.

Are Sagittarius and Leos a good love match?

Yes, Saggitarius and Leo are the most perfect match for each other. They have 95% of getting along. Both signs are fire signs and the are both confident.

Does leos get along with cancers?

Yes, Leos do get along very well with the Cancers.

Do Leos and cancers make good friends?

Leos and Cancers generally have harmonious interactions.

Are Leos and Scorpios good couples?

I would say yes, but you can decide for yourself. See the Related Link "Leo: Love and Compatibility" for more information. Answer NO! The least compatible with scorpios are leos and aquarians Scorpios and leos are very compatible with leos, but they just dont like the way the leos love to show off all of the time

What is the birth name of Leos Carax?

Leos Carax's birth name is Alexandre Oscar Dupont.

Who is the best match attack?

frank lampard is the best match attack

How can a Aquarius be best match of a Leo?

Aries is the best match for Leo.

Who plays in lab rats?

leo case brace adem leos mom and leos stepdad and the teachers

How did Leo the lion constellation get in the sky?

Leo the lion was put in the sky because when he was defeated but Hercules Hera was so mad she put him in the skyThe way that u can tell that a Leo sign is up in the sky is the sign Leo. One of the Leos best match is the Libra

What signs are the best for a relationship with an Aries?

Aries and Leos is and really good astrological match up. You will both have the same energy levels, and stamina plus you will also have the desire to go and do, but the Leo will be more success oriented and driven, most likely will be the dominating force in this relationship.

What is the best compatible for Leo rooster?

it ain't' no question...its obviously a PISCEAN ...leos like or if i can say love dominating...pisceans love to be dominated by....leos like protecting & pisceans like being protected....its a perfect balance....end of the both respect n love each other...coz the Leo fire can boil the piscean water or the fire be put off by the same water...what a match of respect,dignity n love

Gemini wants to know why she is intensely attracted to Leos and if Leos are attracted to Geminis.?

That's easy. Leos are naturally beautiful people. Leos and Geminis are good friends, but horrible lovers. Leo likes everything that makes them handsome or appear handsome. Leos are represented by the lion, something that prowls around for the next prey. But Leos are very much into themselves, and the duality of Gemini will have the Leo falling asleep with Jessica Simpson and waking up with Lizzie Borden.

Are leos and Taurus a good match?

It depends - on whether you're prepared to base a relationship on astrological readings - and whether you can trust someone else's opinions on who should pair with whom.

What is a match in volleyball?

Either a best 2 out of 3 match or a best 3 out of 5 match. If you get to the last game of the match u play to fifteen most of the time.

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