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It is a state within the United States of America.
The 18th state of the union, which resembles the shapes of a boot. It originally was purchased in 1803 from France as part of a large land acquisition called the Louisiana Purchase. The territory doubled the size of the United States and the study of the new land prompted the Journey of Discovery by Lewis and Clark in 1804-06.
Today, the Southern state's French culture is still evident -- from its legal system to blend of food that incorporates other cultures. It's largest city is New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico.
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What did the Louisiana Purchase do?

The Louisiana Purchase was one of the greatest land deals ever to take place. Louisiana was so big that it made our nation over 23% bigger, making America difficult to attack. It also gave the American colonies a place to legally expand to. Before we purchased it from France, Americans were illegall ( Full Answer )

What was the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition by theUnited States of America of 828,800 square miles (2,147,000km 2 ) of the French territory Louisiane in 1803. This was the entire valley of theMississippi as claimed by the French, an area as large as theexisting United States at the time. The pu ( Full Answer )

Who founded Louisiana?

La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company, under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.

How did Louisiana get its name?

Under French control from 1682-1763 and 1803-04, the area was named in honor of Louis XIV of France, by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. La Salle had left Fort Crevecoeur with eighteen Native Americans and canoed down the Mississippi River in 1682. He named the entire area ( Full Answer )

Who named Louisiana?

Robert Cavelier sieur de La Salle named Louisiana. Louisiana wasnamed after Louis XIV , King of France from 1643 to 1715.

What is the population of Louisiana?

According to the US Census of 2010, the population of the state was 4,533,372. In late 2012, the population was estimated as 4,601,893.

Where is Marapa Louisiana?

Maurepaus Louisiana is a very small community southeast of the city of Baton Rouge. It is a popular community because of the Amite River and Lake Verret.

Where is Louisiana?

Louisiana is located in the southern United States. It is to theeast of Texas, to the south of Arkansas, and to the west ofMississippi. It is along the Gulf of Mexico.

When was Louisiana founded?

Louisiana State history began in 1528 when the area was settled by the Spanish from the mouth of the Mississippi River. The French explorer La Salle came later in 1682 and named the territory Louisiana after King Louis the 14 th . The French settlement of Natchitoches, established in 1714 is the old ( Full Answer )

Why is the state of Louisiana named Louisiana?

Louisiana was named for King Louis XIV of France. In 1682, the French explorer Sieur de La Salle sailed from the OhioRiver to the mouth of the Mississippi River, and claimed the entireriver valley for France. He named the territory La Louisiane ("Land of Louis").

Who was Louisiana named after?

Louisiana was named after King Louie of France. When the french discovered it, it was a large property of land. Then, the Louisiana purchase was brought to existence. Though, now Louisiana is a small state with the capital of Baton Rouge. King Louis XIV

What zoos are in Louisiana?

The Audubon Zoo in Uptown New Orleans is first-rate. It is worth a half-day trip on the streetcar or Audubon ferry boat from downtown. The Baton Rouge Zoo is good. The others are fair at best.

Where is marksville Louisiana?

Marksville, Louisiana is located in Avoyelles Parish. It is in thecentral part of the state, and about an hour and a half northwestof Baton Rouge.

What is the population for Louisiana?

As of 2013, the estimated population of the state of Louisiana is4.625 million people. The population density in Louisiana is 88.31people per square mile.

Who was The Louisiana Purchase about?

Try this website. It gives lots of good information about the Louisiana Purchase... http://www.usgennet.org/usa/topic/preservation/history/louis/chpt25.htm haha i know it's long- i copy&pasted it:)

What is the motto of Louisiana?

The motto for the state of Louisiana is Union, Justice, andConfidence. The capitol of this state is Baton Rouge and the stateflower is the magnolia.

Why does Louisiana have Parishes?

In recognition of their history as both a French and Spanish Colony where the Roman Catholic traditions of the Parish existed. So call it tradition. . Last answer. Improved: Most of the French colonizing Louisiana were Catholic, and when they were founding Louisiana they named the "counties" par ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of Louisiana?

While several can lay claim by right of exploration, discovery or settlement the honor justifably belongs to Thomas Jefferson whose administration was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase which converted the US from a want to be Nation to a member of the first tier of world powers.

Louisiana is known for?

Cajuns . Crackers . The Louisiana Purchase . Mardi Gras . Hurricanes like Katrina . Creole Food . The Battle of New Orleans . Jazz . Voodo . Conspirancy theories regarding the JFK assassination . Rice and Cotton production . Penal Farms . Tobasco Sauce . Offshore drilling . FEMA and Le ( Full Answer )

What is mined in Louisiana?

Louisiana exports petroleum and coal products. The Port of South Louisiana, located on the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 4th largest in the world, as well as the largest bulk cargo port in the world.

Are there earthquakes in Louisiana?

Yes, it is possible to have an earthquake in Louisiana because it has several faults near it. A fault is like a crack in the ground where earthquakes occur.

What continent is Louisiana in?

Louisiana is on the North American continent, specifically it is one of the United States of America. It was bought from the French in 1803 by way of the Louisiana Purchase.

What does Louisiana export?

crawfish . rice . Louisiana's Chief Exports are rice, oil and natral gas, and sea food.

Is Louisiana a state?

LA (Capitalized with no periods) could be taken as the abbreviation for Louisiana which is a state. L.A. (With periods) however is generally the abbreviation for Los Angeles, California which is a city. yes

What is nikname of Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana has many nicknames. One such nickname isSportsman's Paradise and another nickname is the Pelican State.

Why does Louisiana have hurricanes?

Because the state is part of the Gulf of Mexico coast. The Gulf of Mexico's water is hot and attracts hurricanes that need hot water to developed.

What is a county in Louisiana?

Caldwell Parish . Caldwell Parish . Caldwell Parish . Caldwell Parish . Caldwell Parish . Caldwell Parish

What is the meaning of Louisiana?

It is a corruption of the French name of La Louisiane meaning "Land of Louis" as the area had been named by La Salle in honor of King Louis XIV.

Does Louisiana have wolves?

To answer your question, yes, there are wolves in Louisiana, but mostly grey wolves. I know this because I was born and raised in Louisiana and I still live there. And if your wondering, no, I am NOT an expert on wolves. I hoped I helped ya! Goodbye!

Why did Louisiana secede?

\nThe plantation owners wanted to continue Slavery instead of paying workers for working in agriculture.\n. \nNortherners wanted slavery abolished.

What is Louisianas location?

Louisiana is in the United States of America. It is to the west of Mississippi, the east of Texas and to the south of Arkansas.

What are minerals in Louisiana?

As rig counts drop, and oil and gas land and legal work related to the Barnett Shale slow in these tough economic times, some oil and gas professionals in North Texas may be looking to the Barnett Shale's younger sibling to the east, the Haynesville Shale. Though geologically speaking the Haynesvill ( Full Answer )

What is Louisianas climate?

Well, right now (Mid-December) its in the 50s-60s, but has only snowed once this year. In the Summer, it can get up to the 100s, but in the Winter, it can get down to a bit below freezing.

In what country is Louisiana?

Louisiana is a state located in the southern area of the USA. It is the state directly east of Texas. To it's southern border/shore line lies the Gulf of Mexico. Its capital city is Baton Rouge. However, it's largest city is New Orleans.

Are there bayous in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana is full of bayous. A bayou is a body ofwater that can be a slow moving river or stream. they are mostcommonly found in very low lying areas and usually contain brackishwater. Some well know bayous in Louisiana include Cypress Bayou,Buffalo Bayou, Bayou Bartholomew, and Bayou L ( Full Answer )

How was Louisiana made?

The land that is the state of Louisiana includes the delta of the Mississippi River, which also overflowed its banks to build up the lowlands. Northern Louisiana is located above bedrock and may have existed since the formation of the North American continent.

Are there aligators in Louisiana?

yes lots in the 60s to 80s we didnt have much and there were only a couple hundres left but then the had a plan to get them bac and it was one of the most sucksessfull

When was Louisiana admitted?

Louisiana was admitted into the Union on April 30, 1812 becomingthe 18th state to join the Union.

Is it sandy in Louisiana?

Go to Louisiana yourself to find out. But sigh, sadly it isn't. Why? You like beaches?

Was the Louisiana purchase the Louisiana territory?

yes the Americans bought the Louisiana territory and it was called the "Louisiana purchase" Actually the Louisiana purchase almost doubled the size of the U.S. and it included Louisiana, Colorado, a little chunk of Texas, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Minnesota, Monta ( Full Answer )

Was The Louisiana Purchase about the state of Louisiana?

Not entirely. The Louisiana Purchase included a huge swath of land west of the Mississippi River -- the Louisiana Territory (French Le Louisiane ) was nearly as large as the existing United States, including all or part of 13 current US states. The intent of the Purchase was to acquire the port of ( Full Answer )

What was the Louisiana purches?

the Louisiana purchase was when George Washington got a offer from napoleon the leader of France to sell Louisiana to the US for 15 million dollars and george washinton agreed to it because Louisiana was a good way for US to grow and their was a important trade center there at the time

Can you drive to Louisiana?

Sure! Lousiana borders Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, so you can certainly access it from any of the contiguous U.S. states, as well as Mexico and Canada.

Is the motto of Louisiana?

motto is "Union, Justice, and Confidence." they have also used the slogan 'Fall in love with Louisiana all over again'

What was the Louisiana purcase?

the louisanna purchase was the land purchased by president ThomasJefferson in the 1800s , he also purchased this land great britian

Where is a beach in Louisiana?

All across the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, as well as around LakePonchartrain, and along the Mississippi.