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Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop applications. Included in the Standard Edition is Microsoft Word (word processing), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations), and Microsoft Outlook (email and collaboration).

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Will Microsoft Office standard work with Microsoft Vista?


Microsoft office project standard 2007 key?

microsoft project standard 2007 product key

What does Microsoft Office Standard cost?

The average cost of Microsoft Office Standard 2013 edition is around å£109. This is for the Office Home and Student edition. The Office Professional 2013 edition costs around å£398.

Which applications are included with Microsoft Office Standard 2010?

Included in the Standard Edition is Microsoft Word (word processing), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations), and Microsoft Outlook (email and collaboration).

Properties associated with all Microsoft office documents?


Which applications is included with Microsoft office standard 2010?


What package of software is Excel part of?

The Microsoft Store is the official site for all Microsoft products selling everything from Microsoft software and subscriptions, to Microsfot Surface PCs, Xbox games & consoles, Microsoft Apps, Skype and enterprise software.

Why do you need Microsoft office on your home PC?

You don't "need" it, there are plenty of free software suites that do the same as office, but microsoft office is the standard these days, and most documents are made to work with it.

Where can one purchase Microsoft Office Standard 2007?

There are many ways to purchase Microsoft Office Standard 2007. You can visit your local technology retailer or department store and speak to a consultant or there are a variety of online sources such as ebay or PC world. For businesses additional licences can be purchased directly from the Microsoft office online store.

Will Microsoft office standard 2007 work on the imac?

No edition of Microsoft Office 2007 will run on an iMac, unless you are running Windows through Boot Camp or a virtual machine. Microsoft Office 2007 is a Windows-only application. If you want to use Office in Mac OS X, you will need to purchase "Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac" instead.

Where can a Microsoft Office 2007 be found in local stores?

Microsoft Office 2007 applications are sold in any computer store that sells Microsoft Windows computers and related software. They do not come standard with Windows computers.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office small business and Microsoft Office professional edition?

business is more conventional whilst professional is more advanced.------------------------------------------microsoft office small business doesn't come with access, which makes small business less than the professional edition. the difference between small business and standard is standard comes without Publisher.

What is Microsoft?

Microsoft is software created by Windows, founded by Bill Gates. It is the dominant force in software design and manufactured today for business and home users. Some Microsoft Software include:Microsoft Office AccessMicrosoft Office ExcelMicrosoft Office InfopathMicrosoft Office OutlookMicrosoft Office PowerPointMicrosoft Office PowerPoint viewerMicrosoft Office Word

What are the tools of ms office?

Microsoft Equation Editor, Microsoft Office Clip Organizer, Microsoft Office Document Imaging, Microsoft Office Document Scanning, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, WordArt.

Who is the creator of Microsoft office?

Microsoft Corporation is the manufacturer of Microsoft Office.

What Properties are associated with all Microsoft Office documents and include author title and subject?


What is MS PowerPoint Presentation?

A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation is a presentation created using Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 or 2007. It is a standard program that comes with installing Microsoft Office on your computer.

Who are Microsoft office competitors?

Microsoft Office Competitor is Open Office. But Open Office is not good as Microsoft Office.But Open Office is free and Microsoft Office is not free.If i gave 100 points to Microsoft Office, then i will give 10 points to open office because it has less features.Open Office is similar to Microsoft Office 2000 or Microsoft Office XP.But Office 2007 and above has more features than Open Office.

Write any four package of microsoft office 2007?

The four packages of Microsoft office 2007 are Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access

Where is Microsoft main office?

where is microsoft head office?

Is Microsoft Office a hardware?

No. Microsoft Office is software.

Is Microsoft office a spreadsheet?

Microsoft Office is an office suite, a collection of different programs. Microsoft Excel, a program found in Microsoft Office, is a spreadsheet creator and editor.

What does the Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 software provide for those who use it?

The Ultimate edition of Microsoft Office 2007 includes all of the features of the editions prior to it. These include but are not limited to Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Do you need both Microsoft office and Microsoft Word?

Microsoft word is a part of Microsoft office suite

What is the generic name for Microsoft Word office?

Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft Office.

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