What is Pan Asian food?

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Pan Asian food is a variety and combination of Asian food - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese etc.
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Which are the pan Asian countries?

All countries in Asia are named together as Pan-Asia. Pan is a prefix means inclusive/ all/ including everything.

Do Asians use frying pans?

I guess you could say that they do, but their frying pans are slightly different from what you would imagine and they are called Woks, not frying pans. Wok - thin-walled coo

What foods are cook with frying pans?

You can cook almost everything with a frying pan. If you want tofry hotdog, pork, chicken or if you want to cook dishes with saucesand soups. It all depends on how you're goin

How can you get burnt food out of a glass pan?

Put ter and little bit of oil to fill up over burnt food,bake like you would a lasagna to warm,carefully dump water out down drain,food should get soft and slide off,uuse back

Why do Asians use rice in food?

It is easy for them to grow in their climate. they can grow a lot of it and very importantly it is easily dried and stored. ant it is very nourishing.

What foods are Asians not allowed to eat?

Asians are no different from other racial or ethnic groups. They eat whatever they want as long as it does not go against their religious or cultural beliefs. Muslims do no

What is pan asain food?

all types of Asian food- Chinese,Japanese, Korean, thai, vietnamese etc. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_Pan_Asian_food#ixzz1q47h7vav
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What foods can be cooked in a muffin pan?

There are quite a number of various kinds of foods that can be cooked in a muffin pan. Some of the best examples of these are cupcakes, muffins, mini chicken pot pies, and ch