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The purpose of a wigwam or tee-pee is shelter.

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Q: What is Purpose Wigwam Teepee Purpose?
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What is a nickname for a wigwam?

a teepee

What is a six letter word for teepee?


What is a Mi'kmaq wigwam?

A wigwam is a teepee. It's a cone shaped shelter that is made with Birch bark and animal skins.

A good synonym for the word teepee?

Tent, abode, dwelling, wigwam.

How do you spell teepe?

TEEPEE : A Native American (Amerindian) dwelling : a tent or wigwam.

What are some 6 letter words meaning teepee?

Wigwam is another 6 letter word sometimes confused to be the same as teepee.

How do you spell Indian teepee?

There is no single spelling, because there was no corresponding written language. The variant acceptable spellings are teepee, tepee, or tipi. Or the related term "wigwam."

What dwelling do the Cheyenne live in?

The traditional home of the Chryenne wa a wigwam. Later they adopted the tipi (or teepee).

Where did the Algonquin sleep in the wigwam?

No. They are a Northeastern tribe and a teepee would have been too cold. They built lodges.

How do you spell teepeed?

This could be the stereotypical Amerindian dwelling, the teepee (wigwam).A similar word is tepid meaning lukewarm or uninspired.

How do you spell teapee?

There are two common ways: tepee and teepee (a wigwam), but some spell checkers do not accept teepee.The spelling "tipi" is also found. All are an attempt to render a phonetic spelling of a non-English word.

A good synonym for teepee?

A teepee is an Indian tent/hut. The most common synonym for it is a wigwam (used by the Plain Indians). Other words could be depending on which tribe the Indians may come from are called chickee (Seminoles) and wickihut (Northern Indians).

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