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Queen Isabella of Spain (a/k/a Isabella I of Castille) and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon are most famous for sponsoring Christopher Columbus on his plan to said to the Indies by sailing west (2000 miles, according to Columbus), which led to his "discovery" of America.

Columbus returned the next year and presented his findings to the monarchs, bringing natives and gold under a hero's welcome. Spain entered a Golden Age of exploration and colonization at this point.

They also brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the unification of Spain. Later the two laid the foundation for the political unification of Spain under their grandson, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

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Was Isabella famous?

Of course she is famouse because she was Queen and I am called Isabella!!!!

What is Isabella of Castile most famous for?

Isabella of Castile is famous as the queen who financed the voyages of Christopher Columbus on his search for the New World. For more details on Isabella, see the Related Link.

How was queen Isabella related to Queen Elizabeth?

Which Queen Isabella?

Name of the queen who gave Columbus permission discover?


What did King Ferdinand do that made him famous?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were famous for sending Columbous on his expidition

When did Isabella become queen?

Queen Isabella became queen in the year of 1474

Was queen Isabella famous?

I don't think you would class her as a famous person, but she is known to some people but not many.

What was Isabella queen of when she married Ferdinand?

Isabella was Queen of Castile and Leon

Who married queen Isabella?

King Ferninand married Queen Isabella

Is there anyone who was famous in Queen Isabella 1's ancestral line?

Queen Isabella I, in fact, was famous. She is known for unifying Spain as a Catholic country, and sponsored Christopher Columbus's voyages to North America. (the Caribbean Islands in particular.)

How many daughters did queen Isabella have?

Queen Isabella had 4 daughters. Isabella, Joan, Maria, and Catherine.

Why did Queen Isabella fund Christopher Columbus's journey?

Queen Isabella funded his tripp because Queen Isabella asked him to go on the trip.

When did Queen Isabella die?

Queen Isabella died in 1504 from haveing a coma!!

What province of Spain was queen Isabella from?

Isabella was Queen of kingdoms of Castile and Leon..

When was Isabella of Castile crowned queen?

Queen Isabella of Castile was crowned in 1479.

What date was Queen Isabella born?

Queen Isabella was born on April 22Queen Isabella was born in 1451 and died on April 22 1504

Who are good famous hispanic people for grade 5 projects?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Were Queen Isabella I of Spain's parents king and queen?

Queen Isabella I of Spain's father was John II, the King of Castile, and her mother was Isabella of Portugal, the Queen consort of Castile and Leon.

What year did Queen Isabella get married?

Queen Isabella I (Isabella the Catholic) got married to King Ferdinand V in 1469.

What jobs did queen Isabella have?

she was a queen

Can I see Queen Isabella?

Queen Isabella of Spain died on 26th November 1504

How old was Queen Isabella of Spain when she died?

Queen Isabella I of Castile and Leon, which would later become Spain, was 53 years of age when she died. Queen Isabella I reigned from 1474 to 1504. Queen Isabella II of Spain was 74 years of age when she died. Queen Isabella II reigned from 1833 to 1868.

What country is queen Isabella from?

Queen Isabella was the queen of Spain in the 1400's. She is the queen who sent Christopher Columbus on the exploration which led him to America.

Who was queen Isabella I's mother?

Isabella of Portugal

Isabella was Queen of?

Queen Isabella I was the queen of Castile in Spain. She married Ferdinand of Aragon, so they ruled their kingdoms together.