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Phosphorus is one of the mineral elements, indeed a major mineral required by the body for its proper metabolism. The term metabolism used here is in a loose sense. Actually, phosphorus level in the body is checked alongside with that of calcium. This is done by the hormone secreted by the parathyroid gland, the parathyroid hormone (PTH). This hormone is supported by the prohormone, provitamin D3, which is actually produced by the direct rays of the UV light at about 298nm on a substrate know as 7-dehydrocholesterol found on the skin.

The regulation of phosphorus alongside with calcium in the body is important in bone formation and mineralisation as well as in teeth formation. The amount of these minerals in different parts of the body like the bone marrow and the plasma must be controlled effectively to avoid disease states.

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How do you spell phosphorous?

The element name is spelled phosphorus. The spelling "phosphorous" is an adjective meaning containing phosphorus.

What is a sentence for phosphorous?

Phosphorous is an element. Here are some sentences.We studied phosphorous in science class today.Phosphorous ignites if you put it into water.Phosphorous is an interesting element.

What is phosphoresent?

Phosphoresent means emmitting light without heat as by slow oxidation of phosphorous. Basically meaning that things such as glow in the dark stickers let out phosphorous that makes them glow. Hope this helps. ;D

What is the period of phosphorous?

Phosphorous is in period three

How do plants get phosphorous?

Plants get phosphorous from light.

Phosphorous belongs to which family?

Phosphorous is a non-metal.

How many protons does phosphorous has?

Phosphorous has 15 protons

What type of nutrient is phosphorous?

Phosphorous is indispensable for plants.

What is the name of PCI3?

PCl3 has the IUPAC name phosphorous trichloride. It is formed from the phosphorous (III) atom, so it is also called phosphorous (III) chloride and phosphorous chloride.

Why is phosphorous often a limiting factor in environments?

Phosphorous is often a limiting factor in environments because plants need phosphorous to maintain their cellular biology. If there is insufficient phosphorous, plants will be stunted or not grow at all. If there is too much phosphorous, plants also have a difficult time or won't grow. Phosphorous uptake is not something that plants can control with certainty, and phosphorous could be a limiting nutrient in a given area under study. Use the link to the Wikipedia article on phosphorous and see what is posted on phosphorous and biology.

Why do plants need phosphorous?

Plants need phosphorous for protein

How many electrons does phosphorous have?

In Phosphorous There Are 15 Electrons in an atom of it

What is the crystal structure of phosphorous?

The crystal structure of phosphorous is monoclinic.

What is the formula of phosphorous?

Also phosphorous is the ion (PO3)3-.

Is phosphorous a metal or a non metal?

Phosphorous (P) is a non metal.

What type of chemical bond is Li and P?

Lithium and phosphorous will go through ionic bonding. Lithium is an alkali earth metal, meaning it will lose 2 valence electrons to form 2+ ions. Phosphorous will likely gain 3 electrons to achieve an octet electronic configuration in its outer most shell. However, lithium and phosphorous do not straight away form Li3P2. Phosphorous usually reacts with oxygen in the air to form phosphate (PO4-).

What is phosphorus original name?

The name for phosphorus is derived from a Greek word phosphoros, and its meaning is "bringer of light." Phosphorous was discovered in 1669.

Is phosphorous a solid?

Yes, phosphorous is a solid chemical element at room temperature.

How many protons are in an atom of phosphorous?

An atom of phosphorous contains 15 protons.

What foods are phosphorous contained in?

Salmon is one of the foods that phosphorous is contained in. Other foods high in phosphorous are pumpkin seeds, pork, beef, veal, and tofu.

Will phosphorous and phosphorous bond?

Yes. Phosphorus in its elemental form can com in the form of P4 molecules (white phosphorous) or as a covalent network (red and black phosphorus)

What would happen if the plants got no phosphorous?

if a plant has no phosphorous,the plant will die after sometime because lack of phosphorous leads to yellowing of the leave which will lead to death

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