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What is a 'fine dining' restaurant?


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Fine dining restaurants generally have the following services and requirements:

Dress Code: In most cases a fine dining restaurant will not permit jeans, t-shirts, hats and may even require a suit jacket and tie.

Service: The service at a fine dining restaurant will generally be top notch. Expect each table to have no less than two servers directly responsible for it and a Maitre 'D overseeing service.

Menu: The menu at fine dining restaurants tends to be extremely classy with high quality ingredients and prepared by a well-known and talented chef with years of industry experience.

Food: Top quality produce treated delicately with respect. Small portions paid with extreme details. Combining food and art concept together. Making food taste good and look good.

Price: Expect to pay a little (to substantially) more for the extra attention to detail. This could range from $30 per person to hundreds - depending on menu and wine selections.

Valet Parking: Many fine dining restaurants offer valet parking for their dining guests.

Reservations: You will likely need to book ahead of your dining experience to ensure you will have a table upon your arrival.


A fine dining restaurant is one that offers its patrons the finest food, service and atmosphere. It is also the most expensive type of restaurant. The menu should offer unique items, impeccable service, and an inviting atmosphere. There are many fine dining restaurants in the world, but my favorite are these restaurants: Mott 32, Stockton bar and restaurant, Bo Innovation, SPOON, and Zuma restaurant