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What is a 'Ute'?

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August 08, 2009 2:40AM

The word ute comes from the word utility. these are mostly trucks with a tray that carries heavy stuff. These cars are usually built for work purposes. There is also another of ute. These utes are a coupe form with a large tray. These are very popular in Australia and new Zealand.

The Holden commodore Ute is very famous. Also the Holdens performance company HSV (holden Special Vehicles) has made the Worlds fastest ute. The HSV Maloo R8, this is in the coupe form. Critics have been calling this the Sports Coupe with the big boot. The record of the fastest ute was set in Australia in 2006 in South Australia, the maloo hit 277.4km/h in under 5 seconds. though the new version of the Maloo R8 (VE) can hit 280km/h under 4.9 secs. == == *****Actually, the Utes are a Native American tribe native to Utah. That is where Utah got its name, and what the University of Utah mascot is - a Ute.*****