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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system.

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Q: What is a .pdf file extension?
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What Is the file extension that indicates the file can be viewed with Adobe Reader?


What is the file extension for adobe acrobat reader?


What two ways in which you can identify a file as being PDF FORMAT?

1. The file extension of the file is .pdf 2. You need a PDF program like Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the file

How do you convert an exe file to a pdf file?

A file with the .exe extension is an executable file that can be opened by Windows or MS-DOS that opens a program. It is also known as a program file. A file with the .pdf extension, however, is a document file that can be open by Adobe Reader, Word 2013, or other compatible programs. It is impossible to convert an exe file to a pdf file.

What does pdf mean?

Portable Document FormatPDF is a file format within Adobe Acrobat. Any file with an extension of .pdf can be opened with Adobe Acrobat.

What is the file extension for a portable document file?

That, my good freind, would be .pdf, hence the Portable Document File

How do you use a pdf?

Download a free version of Adobe Reader. Install it and the .pdf file extension is automatically associated with that program and it will open the PDF.

How do you rename a pdf file for windows movie maker?

Right click on the file and click on rename and then rename it to what ever you want and then if you want a new file extension pit a . And then type in the file extension

Does e filing my taxes have a extension?

Yes, you can have an extension on your e file taxes. Here is where you can find all of the forms and info you need to do"

Which software is needed to open a file with an extension pdf?

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How do you convert my tally bill to pdf?

Converting file to PDF often requires a scanner, to save the original object as an image. One can also use an online converter, where one uploads a file in its original format, and then the software converts it to a .pdf file extension.

How do you convert scr file to pdf file?

You don't. The extension of .scr on an IBM PC clone means it is a screen saver and executable. Screen savers cannot be saved in a text and graphics format such as a pdf file.

ABB controller slc 220 manual pdf file?

PDF is an Adobe file format that comes from Page Description Format. Adobe created Postscript for printers early in the history of computers. PDF is an extension of that technology. It is compatible...

Can i type in a pdf file?

Yes, if you have Adobe Acrobat (not the free Adobe Reader) installed on your computer. There is also 3rd party software that will convert the .pdf file extension to a file type you can edit without purchasing Adobe Acrobat.

How does one turn a business intelligence Microsoft Word Document into a PDF?

You can turn a business intelligence Microsoft Word Document into a PDF by exporting it from Microsoft Word. To export the document as a PDF in Microsoft Word, go to "File" in the top menu and click on "Save As." Select ".PDF" as the file extension in the box, name the file and select the location to save the file to and click "Save."

What is a file tax extension How to do it online?

There are several reasons to apply for an extension on taxes. The Internal Revenue Service offers information on this and give all the requirements. The website with the information is

How to file for an income tax extension?

Well, there are websites which help you do that task. Also, there is an application which you can fill out too. The address is

What is the file extension .pun software?

What is the file extension What is the file extension

How does one file for a tax extension electronically?

If you are still short on time (congrats on the triplets!), any accountant can help you file all the paperwork for an extension. The Internal Revenue Service is an option if you have the time to wade through the paperwork with the form F4868:

How do I file for an IRS extension?

In order to file for a tax extension, you will need to fill out form 4868 from the IRS. It can be found here: If you don't want to file with the paper form, you may also e-file by filling out the form electronically and submitting it through your personal computer or a tax professional. More information is available from the above link."

A file that has a file extension of wav is?

The file extension WAV is a wave file. This is a type of audio file.

When I rename a pdf document I get this message If you change the file name the file may become unusable?

It's simply telling you that any programs that use that particular file will no longer be able to find it. Changing the file name is usually harmless, but changing the file extension (.pdf) will mean that your PDF reader won't load the file when you double click it. Generally you should leave file extensions unchanged since it gives a hint to the operating system which type of file it is.

What is a file extensions is mostly likely to contain malicious code?

which file extension is mos likely to contain malicious codes, .doc,. bat, pdf,.jpg?

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pdf file support