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if we want to know about CNA . Here is the basic description about it .. "A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, who works on the vanguard of patient and health care. A nursing assistant usually works under the guidance of senior nurses and doctors and are responsible to provide day to day care to ailing people. They come as very prominent role players, when we talk about patient care and health management. In order to become a certified nursing assistant one must go through under a CNA training provided by a state accredited CNA school and must pass the CNA Certification Exam."


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CNA for a nurse can stand for some certified nurse administration meaning they can perform roles in administration as well as regular nurse duties like normal.

You can become a CNA first then study to become a nurse.

You will not take all classes that a nurse will take, but they will be similar.

They basically the same just under different names. Stna stands for state tested nurse aide and cna stands for certified nurse assistant.

No, a CNA has less training than a licensed practical nurse.

See the related link for information about getting certification as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant).

CNA is an acronym for Certified Nursing Assistant. You need to take CNA classes in order to get a CNA certification before you can take on the job of a nursing assistant. A CNA certificate on your resume will boost your job qualifications. You can find more information about CNA certification at your State Nurse Aide examination board.

You do not need to go to CAN school to be a nurse. It is to become an assistant.

CNA training can be done at Comfort Services LLC. Nurse Aide Training in Minneapolis.

A CNA is a certified nursing assistant and is not an actual nurse. They do things like taking vital signs and assisting nurses. A RN is a registered nurse and has the able to give medications, assist the doctor, and draw blood.

They're the same thing. The official title is "Certified Nursing Assistant" (CNA). This title has many variants, such as "Certified Nurse Aide" or "Nurse Aide". A CNA is under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Note that A CNA is different from a "Home Health Aide" (HHA). A HHA requires less education. See the referenced link below for more information.

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. These are people who assist patients with daily care, including bedside care and basic nursing procedures. These duties are performed under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

No, one must be a licensed nurse or physician to administer medications in a hospital.

can a nurse assistant in california remove an IV catheter.

The fastest way to become a nurse would be attending a private school and working toward becoming an LPN. Even faster would be a 6-week course and passing the test for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant.) CNA isn't a nurse, and the salary isn't as high, but does many things a nurse would do, with the satisfaction of helping others.

Yes, you can get an cna(Certified Nurse Assistant Program) online. Many universities like Indiana State University, University of Phoenix are providing Online Nursing Degree Programs in CNA Certification (CNA). A CNA may go by many different titles depending on what area of healthcare they work in, or in what part of the country the reside

Depending on the type of nurse you are looking for, whether be it a registered nurse, CNA, or a nurse specializing in a specific area, the average income will differ. According to, a starting nurse makes 19 dollars an hour.

the roles of a nurse depend on the setting, hospital, nursing home, mental ward, etc. it also depends on what type of nurse you are talking about CNA, LPN, or RN.

I believe it should be 10 to 1. but anybody who is a CNA knows that is not the case. At least where I work. We are understaffed and underpaid. I believe we CNA's should get nurse wages.

Getting a CNA certification is the best move you can make to become a nurse aide. Nurse aides are in demand at hospitals throughout the United States. For any young man or woman, choosing this field for study can open up tons of opportunities. Be sure to take a prep course for taking the CNA certification test.

With a CNA certification there are several available jobs. You can work as a nurses assistant in a nursing home or even work at a hospital. A CNA is also a step away from being a nurse which can open up more opportunites.

No, a registered nurse can do the duties of any version of nursing training below their license level. So a registered nurse should know the abilities and skills required to be a CNA. The one difference is a registered nurse would be required to be more responsible by the Board of Nursing to be aware of any problems or changes than the CNA would be required (due to CNA's lack of training and the fact that ultimately the registered nurse is the one responsible for a CNA's actions if they are in charge of them). So for example, if you miss the fact that your patient is choking to death, a CNA would be less liable than that of a registered nurse due to the RN having the higher training.

No, but you should keep a good lawyer on retainer because if you're acting as a private CNA without supervision you are breaking the law in all 50 US States. A CNA must be under the direct supervision of a nurse.

A CNA training enables us to become a nursing assistant. The role of a nurse is considered very important in the healthcare industry. There are many CNS training programs and assistantships available. CNA training gives a lot of basic knowledge on healthcare. A CNA is definitely the first step towards a career in the healthcare industry.

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