What is a Cypriot Jew?


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A Jew from Cyprus. Cyprus is an eastern Mediterranean island not far from Israel.

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Cypriot is the adjective for the country of Cyprus. There are the following languages: Cypriot Maronite Arabic Cypriot Greek Cypriot Turkish

Someone from Cyprus is called a CYPRIOT. However, given the fractious relations between ethnic Greeks and ethnic Turks on the island, the Cypriot will usually add what ethnic group he belongs to, e.g. Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Armenian Cypriot, British Cypriot, etc.

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I have 97 cypriot pounds can you exchange them for british pounds

Cypriot Futsal Premier League was created in 1999.

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Cypriot notes can be exchanged for their Euro equivalent at any branch of a Cypriot bank. You could also ask your own bank about exchanging for local currency.

in Cyprus they use euro not cypriot so 1euro = 57 pesos

Until late 2007, Cyprus has Cypriot Lira (Cypriot pound). From 2008 the currency is Euro.

It is simply a Monk from Cyrpus.

I dont believe there is a different between mainland greek and cypriot greek on this one."se agapo" (long form) "sagapo" (short form)even if there is another phrase in the cypriot dialect, they will know what this means. Cypriot Greek speakers can understand and speak mainland greek pretty much fluently.We can understand Greek very well-its our language, the Greeks are the ones who have problems understanding us- but anyway if you want to tell it in Cypriot you'll say 'agapose'

There was no Cypriot Civil War because the force that opposed the Cypriot government was primarily a foreign power: Turkey. Certainly Turkish Cypriots helped the foreign army, but it was primarily Turkey's invasion of the island. The Turko-Cypriot Conflict was between Cyprus, ruled by the predominant Greek Orthodox Cypriot population, and the Turks of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots.

A "Constructional Jew" is a Jew who's constructed to be a Jew.

Like in Modern Koine Greek..Efharisto...lol!by many linguists cypriot (and cretan) it's not consider a dialect because of the small diference...

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