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What is a DNS server?

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2014-11-04 14:00:43

DNS stands for Domain Name System. A DNS server resolves a name

to an IP address, as stated in an earlier answer, but it can also

point to multiple IP addresses for load balancing, or for backup

servers if one or more is offline or not accepting connections.

Individual organizations may have their own DNS servers for

their local Intranet.

Some sites have their own DNS server to switch between

subdomains within them. For example, a site such as Blogspot can

have subdomains come and go quite frequently. Rather than force

every DNS server to update their own databases whenever someone

creates a new blog, Blogspot could maintain their own DNS server to

resolve names within the domain, e.g., to distinguish

between and ... their DNS

server would be queried once is resolved, and it would

be responsible for resolving myblog vs. yourblog.

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2014-02-27 21:13:38

DNS stands for Domain Name System, the system by which the names



target="_blank">websites and Internet domains are managed. A

DNS server is any computer registered to join that system.

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