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Is the reason I can't find this model in my reference books because it is a fully automatic military rifle? If so, it would be worth a fair amount if it has been properly REGISTERED with the BATF. If not registered (and if it was not registered in 1933 or 1968, it cannot be done now), it could be worth ten years and a quarter million fine. But if it is not, has never been, and cannot readily be converted to, full auto, disregard this post. Yes it is registered and it is fully automatic so now whats the value. I really can't tell you how much it's worth, but I did a Google on "class iii firearms" +"for sale" and got several pages of hits. Here are three examples that should at least be close to your weapon: *Group Industries side plate 1917A1 built by Ohio Ordnance set up in 30-06. The gun is like new and runs great. The price is $20000.00 for the gun only *Bar 1918A2 Made by Royal Typewriter w/ Bipod I have Pic's available for serious buyers $9100.00 *1918A2 BAR New England Small Arms WWII Production on Curio & Relic List. Want to trade for M-16 You might try the same google and explore a bit more.

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Q: What is a M1918A2 BAR Manufactured by group industries worth in very nice condition?
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