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What is a Touch Screen?

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βˆ™ 2011-07-28 16:48:10

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A screen, that when touched in specific places, performs certain tasks. It can be accessible by human finger touch only

2011-07-28 16:48:10
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Can non touch screen can be a touch screen?

no,it can not be a touch screen if it is non touch screen.

Does the LG rumor have a touch screen?

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

Why can a non touch screen not be a touch screen?

Because the outside has put one touch screen panel, so then any LCD/LED can change as touch screen.

IMac is touch screen or not?

No, the iMac is not a touch screen. The only touch screen products made by Apple are the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

How does touch screen respond to touch?

The touch screen may respond to touch by sensing the heat of your finger

Use of touch screen?

purpose of touch screen monitor

Does the smt5800 phone have a touch screen?

No, i have the smt5800 and it does not have a touch screen.

What is a touch screen made out of?

A touch screen is made out of glass.

What is android touch screen?

phone that is touch screen that is not an i phone

Is a lg cookie at touch screen?

yes its touch screen

Is a Chromebook touch screen?

No Chromebooks that I have seen have a touch screen.

Is a Nintendo ds lite touch screen?

The lower screen is a touch sensitive screen.

How do you make a laptop touch screen?

You Can not make a regular laptop touch screen you have ti get a touch screen laptop. NO YOU CANT

What does the touch screen look like?

A touch screen looks just like a regular computer screen except when you touch the screen you also perform a task.

How do you use computer screen as touch screen?

To use your computer screen as a touch screen, you screen must be touch capable. If your laptop did not come with a touch screen, you will have to buy a new laptop with touch screen capabilities. If your desktop monitor does not have touch-screen capabilites, you must buy a new touch capable monitor and connect it to your computer. You must also make sure that your computer is capable of processing touch gestures (anything after and including Windows XP, but no Mac).

A touch Screen is an out put device?

A touch screen is both input and output. The touch sensor is input, the display screen is output.

Can you turn off you touch screen on the env touch?

no.. you can't... but you can change the sensitivity of the touch screen

Is it important to calibrate your touch screen?

If you feel the touch insensitivity is better to calibrate your touch screen.

Does the samsung jet have a hard touch screen?

No, it has a soft touch screen!

Does samsung star has capacitive touch screen?

No. It have resistive touch screen.

Does the PSP go have a touch screen?

no the psp go does not have a touch screen

Does lg neon have a touch screen?

It has a touch screen for dialing only.

Is the LG cookie ks360 touch screen?

Yes is does have a touch screen

Does the Motorola Cliq have a touch screen?

Yes, the Cliq does have a touch screen.

Does the alias 2 have a touch screen?

No. The Alias 2 does not have a touch screen.