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What is a Winchester 94 lever action made in 1926 with a 20 inch round barrel worth?

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Typically, that would be a standard carbine. However, there are still possibilities of other special order features that will greatly affect the price. We can ASSUME it is a standard carbine, but you need to understand that originality and condition are the big factors in determining worth. A 90% gun would be worth $750 while a 40% gun might bring $350. A 95%-98% gun would be close to $1000. A refinished or altered gun would bring $250.

2006-07-13 10:38:27
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How much is a 1981 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action model 4930742 round barrel worth?

your rifle is worth between 350.oo and 600.00

What is the Marlin 38-40 lever action round barrel value?

good condition.....about $3200.00

Is a model 90 Winchester octagonal rifle barrel more valuable than a round barrel?

In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

What is the value of a Alberta diamond jubilee model 94 carbine lever action 20 round barrel 38 55cal never fired in original box?

In the condition you describe,your Winchester carbine is valued at 995 dollars(US currency).

What is the value of a lever action repeating carbine 20 round barrel Serial number 4287654?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics.

How much did a Winchester model 1894 30WCF cost in 1898?

I can say that A Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle 26in barrel was priced at 19.50 in Winchester's June,1896 Catalog. A carbine with the 20in barrel was priced at 17.50, a round barreled 26in rifle was 18.00 dollars, and the take down model was priced at 25.00 dollars. I can add that the Sears catalog from 1900 (reprint) lists the round or octagonal barreled 30 WCF for $14.75.

How much is a 1974 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action modal 4259575 round barrel worth?

$100 - $200. Its only real value is what someone is willing to pay for it to use as a hunting firearm. The year 1963 was the last of the "collectable" era Wincehster Model 94s.

What is a Winchester lever action 1884 38-55 26 inch round barrel 712421?

It is a Model 1886 Sporting Rifle. The serail number you listed is one digit too many (Winchester only manufactured 160,000 Model 1886 rifles and carbines total). The "1884" date you found is the patent date assigned to the inventor John M. Browning.

What is the year of manufacture Winchester 94 4337958 It has 20' round barrel with hand drawn numbers sketched under the lever?

your model 1894 was made in 1976,as for the hand drawn numbers under the lever it could be that the previous owner put his ssn on the weapon in case it was ever stolen?

How many made Winchester model 65 wcf pistol grip lever action2520?

my grandfather was given a2520 model 64 wcf lever rifle prior ww2 to shoot dingo for a living it was 5 shot round barrel sheilded for sight pistolgrip curved lever like a marlen serial no 1003170 what is its value it was one of one boxfull that ever came to australia.

What is the value of a 44 WCF Winchester SN337215 and when was it manufactured?

To get a accurate value of your Winchester you will need to include the following information.The model number of your Winchester,the serial number(already included),the barrel length,type of barrel(round or octagon) the amount of finish remaining,and overall condition of the rifle including the bore.

What is the value of a 1929 Winchester 94 carbine with round barrel buckhorn sites Serial number 1060507 in excellent condition?

Approximately 650.00

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 94 32 caliber sn 473960 lever action rifle?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1908.These early model 1894 rifles can bring in excess of 1,000 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining,and a good bore.If your rifle has some of the special features that could be ordered at that time(octagon barrel,half magazine,special wood,checkering at the wrist and for arm.half octagon half round barrel ETC.) this will enhance the value of your rifle.I would have your rifle appraised by a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.for a true value of your rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94 Nickel Steel 25-35?

The Model 94 Nickel steel 25-35 is a VERY RARE GUN. when the 25-25 was introduced it was primarily used in safari grade rifles ie,double barrel rifles,so if you have acquired a lever action one (i am assuming being a winchester) than i would take it to somebody who is very familiar with older model guns because the gun is not in production any more--and neither is the round-

Price for a Winchester model 94 AE 3030 with 20 inch round barrel serial number 6484689?

$200 to $400, depending on condition

When was the first Winchester lever action rifle used?

I am not sure, but the first repeating rifle was used in the civil war, it was the Spencer repeating rifle, it had a lever underneath the action (firing mechanism) that would eject the round and reload one. This was the first one that used a self-contained cartridge, much like today's bullets. However their was one bolt-action rifle used in northwestern Asia that fired paper ball cartridge's, but it was expensive and production slowed to a halt.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1876 45-60 serial 19255?

There are many determining factors to consider when assigning a value to a rifle of this age and high collector desirability.I would like to start with the fact that you have a Winchester model 1876 second model,lever action rifle that was made in the year 1881.This is determined by your serial number provided.What I do not know by your question is what barrel length you have?Does it have a .22 inch round barrel(Carbine model 1876.)or do you have a different barrel length,26inch,or 28inch barrel in either round or octagon configuration? This will affect the value of your Winchester.I will also need to know the amount of overall finish remaining on your Winchester model 1876?This greatly affects the value of your rifle/carbine.I would also need to know if our rifle has any special order features that were available during this time span,such as a half magazine,checkered forearm and stock,color cased hardened frame,and either round,octagon,or half round and half octagon barrel.If you are willing to provide this info you can post it to my message page here or post it at as you have already done.

How much is a Winchesters Kings Improvement 38 - 40 cal. march 29 1866 serial no. 142787A lever action. Good condition.?

You have a Winchester model 1873 rifle that was made in the year 1883.This is a third model 1873,but you do not say if it is a rifle(long barrel) or carbine(20in.barrel)You also do not say what condition your rifle is in.How much original finish remains on the wood and metal?Is the bore in good condition?There were 3 distinct models of the 1873 made.the rifle.the carbine.the musket.I would need to know all this info to give you a correct value.the musket had a 30in barrel with 3 barrel bands.the carbine had a 20in.barrel,the rifle could be ordered with any length barrel offer at the time.Is the barrel round or octagon?All these features have a impact on the value of your collectable Winchester rifle.

Winchester Model 94 Nebraska centinial Whats it worth?

1965 NEBRASKA CENTENNIAL 30-30 cal. 2500 mfg. Matte blue receiver, medallion in stock, 20" round barrel If NIB with all papers, action never cycled, @ 1400

What is the year of a Winchester model Cal saddle ring rifle with nickel steel round barrel serial?

Cannot be answered without the serial number included.

Did Winchester make a 22 magnum lever action rifle?

Winchester made a few models of the .22 cal. lever action. One particular model the model 9422 will handle the long rifle and long cartridges interchangeably, or the special .22 WMR, magnum, version that handles the WMR round only. The 9417 model is chambered for the 17 HMR round only. Winchester also made the model 255 in .22 WMR from 1967 to 1970. Harder to find than the newer 9422, but a very good rifle. Just adding that Winchester actually introduced and produced the model 255 in 1964 instead of beginning in 1967. My father works for Winchester and he looked it up in the book for me while at work. I recently picked one up at a garage sale for 25 dollars in excellent shape. I never see them for sale always the 9422 which they made tons of. the 255 is a more rare rifle indeed.

What is value of 1976 Winchester model 94 bicentennial 30-30 lever action in mint condition?

1976 UNITED STATES BICENTENNIAL 30-30 cal.19999 mfg. Engraved pewter plated receiverMedallion in stock, 20" round barrel Came with a Wall Rack having simulated deer antlers NIB with all paper work and boxes, in the 600-800 price range. If it's been taken out of the box and the action cycled once, about 450.

What is the price for the Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial 3644979?

1994 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CENTENNIAL 30-30 cal. STANDARD GRADE 12000 mfg. $700 * Engraved blue receiver, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel LIMITED EDITION 1200 mfg. $1500 * Hand engraved blue receiver w/ gold inlay, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel CUSTOM GRADE 94 mfg. $10500 Hand engraved silver receiver and barrel bands, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel

Can 38 special be shot in 357 mag Winchester?

In a lever action rifle? No, it's not recommended. .38 Special rounds are compatible with .357 revolvers because the cylinders aren't a formed chamber which requires proper headspacing. The .357 lever action rifle, however, does have a formed chamber designed specifically for the longer .357 Magnum cartridge. With a .38 Special round loaded into it, it won't achieve proper headspacing, causing a potentially catastrophic situation.

What is the pivot point of a lever?

The point it pivots round. That is when you use the lever which point on the lever does not move.