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blood type diet is a diet based on your blood type. From the Afghan Beast

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What is the blood types diet and is it effective?

The blood type diet is a diet based on a specific type of food for a specific type of blood. For example, a person with type A blood should eat an organic vegetarian based diet.

What food can I eat on the blood type diet if my blood type is O?

The blood type diet is a fad diet and is not accurate information. As long as you are eating healthy and your diet is well balanced you should be alright with any diet.

Is there a blood type a negative diet?

Blood type A negaative diet is the same as blood type a diet which have a sensitive digestive tract and thrive on a vegetarian diet high in soy protein, grains and vegetables.

What is the name of the diet based on blood type Question Long-Form: I've tried just about every diet out there over the years. Recently, I heard about a diet that is based on the type of blood tha?

The diet based on blood type is called the Hemo-diet. It takes into account what type of blood you have and what are the best nutrients for that blood type.

How do I diet according to my blood type, blood type A?

The diet that is recommended for blood type A, is a low-fat vegetarian diet. Yoga and golf are the recommended exercises for this blood type. Dr. D'Adamo's book would be a good reference to what you should and should not do when using this diet.

How exactly does blood type diet works?

What the Blood Type Diet does is, it takes your specific blood type and it works with it. Since everyone's body is different, not everyone can have the same effective diet. And studies have shown that blood type plays a factor into what diet will and won't work, especially when it comes to medical conditions. So the Blood Type Diet provides foods and exercises that are specifically designed for your body and blood type.

What is the recommended diet for one with Type A blood?

The recommended diet for blood type A is to eat a diet that consists of mainly vegetables. This is because when the A blood type was mutated, humans mainly ate vegetables.

Is the blood type diet plan recommended by physicians?

The blood type diet is a fad diet. You can get information on blood type diets at There are also specific medical conditions that tend to happen more often depending on your blood type.

Get Thin with the Blood Type Diet?

The Blood Type Diet is a weight loss diet that is tailored according to the dieter's blood type. Developed by Dr. Peter D�Adamo, the Blood Type Diet helps dieters determine which foods their body processes best. For example, it is said that those with Blood Type A lack stomach acid and have difficulty processing protein. Therefore, those who have Blood Type A are encouraged to eat a vegetarian diet in order to lose weight. No matter what your blood type, The Blood Type Diet promises to help you lose weight through scientifically proven methods.

What type of blood type has to watch their weight loss?

Acording to the Eat Right For Your Blood Type Diet, eating what they recommand for your bloodtype may help you loss weight. You must know withblood type you are to do this diet. Food requirments will differ with each blood type. Information on this diet can by found by Googling,Blood Type Diet.

What is the diet for blood type A?

According to the Eat Right for Your Type website by Dr. Peter D'Adamo,(, the ideal diet for someone with blood type A is a vegetarian diet.

What would the best diet be for a negative blood type?

To figure out the best diet for your blood type, you would have to figure out what letter blood type you have not the negative or positive. To find out which blood type you have, you can go to Walgreens to purchase a blood test.

What should I know about the blood type diet?

The blood type diet is eating certain foods based on your blood type. The first step to this diet is to determine your blood type and then research foods you can eat based on that. Everyone's blood type is different so it varies. Their is book out called Eat Right 4 Your Type by D'Adamo

Where can I find a blood type diet list?

There are several sites online that provide listings for blood type diets with specific food lists available. These sites often use words such as "blood type diet' or 'blood type diet lists' and show the specific food list categories for Type O, Type A, Type B, and Type AB blood.

What food for blood types do i intake?

Most blood type diets are based on the idea that certain blood types require special diets for optimal health. Type O blood type should choose a high protein diet. Type A blood type should choose a vegetarian diet. Type B blood type should choose a balanced omnivore based diet. Type AB blood type should choose a mixed and moderate diet. Furthermore, diets based on blood types have not been proven.

What would be a good blood healthy diet?

Eating a good blood healthy diet may include avoiding foods that do not go well with your blood type. Sticking to a healthy diet will help you maintain your health. According to the Blood Type Diet, eating foods specifically garnered to your Blood type will be good for your health.

What is the best diet for blood type A positive?

The same as for any other person... Blood type has no effect on diet or vice versa.

Is there a diet determined by a blood type of a positive?

There is a diet for people with type a blood. The suggestion for people with type a blood is to focus on eating vegetarian and seafood. has a list of reccommended foods.

What diet should i be on for my blood type?

If you have the blood type A, it is recommended that you follow a diet high in vegetables and fish. For this blood type it is recommended that you avoid red meat altogether. With this blood type it is also recommended you limit your dairy intake.

Does a special diet exist for people who are blood type o positive?

Generally speaking a healthy well maintained diet is good for everyone. Ones blood type does not determine what type of diet would be beneficial to them. Dieting has more to do with body type and metabolism not blood type.

Are there any websites that can help me find blood type diet?

Yes, you can look into local bookstores for books on this type of diet or go to for how this diet works, the foods you can eat, etc.

What diet do I need if I have positive b blood type?

Information on b positive blood type can be found on Blood type has very little bearing on diet retrictions, but provides information on how to create a healthy and balanced diet.

Is there a blood A type diet available?

There are some blood type diets that seem to be on the mark for what the blood type is. In the diets it says what foods are good for you, bad for you and what you should use for a diet or weight loss.

What is a healthy diet for blood type A?

There are lots of claims that you should structure your diet towards what blood type you are. However, these are bogus and what you eat has nothing to do with your blood type. Be careful to avoid scams like this.

Is a low sugar diet ok for a b blood type?

Yes, a low sugar (or any other diet) are okay for your blood type. The blood type and diets do not affect one another so you should not worry about a diet affecting your health as long as it is not a unhealthy diet to begin with.