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What is a bolt cutter?

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Bolt CutterIt's a tool made like a pair of scissors. Rather heavy duty, used to cut chain, locks, bolts, ect. Answer 2A bolt cutter is not a scissors. Scissors make a shear cut, have the blades inverted to each other and work with a simple pivot. Bolt cutters typically have their blades directly opposite each other and they close together. They have long handles and short blades, with compound hinges to maximize leverage and cutting force.
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Who invented the first bolt cutter?

The first bolt cutter variation was invented around Third Century BCE. Bolt cutters were produced by MCC Professional Tools in 1928 in Japan.

What is the hardest things a bolt cutter can cut?

It will depend on the quality of the bolt cutter. It should be able to cut anything similar to a bolt of chain it was designed for. Some really good ones might be able to cut rebar.

How do you get the bolt cutter in the purte rico in poptropica?

In New Jersey from cripids island IN THE DUMP

Which website sells the cheapest bolt cutters?

Here is a website that sells a bolt cutter : The price is pretty good and the bolt cutter is of very good quality too.

How do you find the junk door on cryptids?

It is in the dumpster outside of the restrooms. You will need the bolt cutter from Puerto Rico.

What represents the most accurate generalization about the following items in a toolbox hammer saw hacksaw bolt cutter c clamp circular saw wire cutter?

Most of these tools are for making incisions (cutting)

How do you get the bolt cutter on potropica?

It's in Puerto Rico, in one of the farms up north. There will be a long pole with platforms sticking out on the right. Jump up these platforms. At the top you can take your bolt cutters!

What represents the most accurate generalization about the following items in a toolbox hammer saw hacksaw bolt cutter clamp circular saw wire cutter?

Most of these tools are for making incisions.most of these tools are for making incisions

Bolt Cutters?

form_title= Bolt Cutters form_header= Do all of your home improvements yourself with bolt cutters. What size bolt cutters do you need?*= () Small () Medium () Large Are you willing to buy used?*= () Yes () No What will you be cutting?*= _ [50]

How can you open a brinks combination bike lock if you have lost the combination?

go to the white sands <---- What? Try a big bolt cutter or a hacksaw.

How do you cut the trash can lock on cryptids island?

There is a bolt cutter on the top of the hill, at the upper left star in Puerto Rico. Climb the springy poles to reach the top. Use the bolt cutter on the lock on the dumpster next to the gas station. Take the junk door into the restroom and place it next to the one still there. This will give you the directions for the forest roads.

Why are bolt cutters designed to cut through thick metal?

Heavy-duty bolt cutters are designed to cut through bolts, padlocks, etc. It is quicker to use a bolt cutter than to use a hacksaw, or to use an acetylene burner (acetylene torch) with its cumbersome tanks.

How does a rounded nut splitter work?

I can't find a non-copyright picture but I'll do my best...Basically you'll see it looks like a ring spanner with a cutter coming into the round part- the letter O in my little drawing is the nut. []===|=(>O)Unlike a spanner you pick one which is larger than the nut to leave room for the cutter =>. Pop the ring over the nut, line up the cutter so it's more or less vertical on one face. The other end of the handle has a bolt []=== running up the middle which presses against the cutter at the point shown by "|"in my drawing, but is not attached to it so it doesn't try to turn the cutter, it just presses it. You just keep turning the bolt until the cutter splits the nut. Never fails.

What tool is used for cutting bolts?

Some times a bolt cutter, sometimes a hack saw, sometimes a reciprocating saw is used to cut bolts..

What is tube cutter?

A cutter of tube

Describe the design of the angular cutter what is a angular cutter?

ANgular cutter is a cutter which cuts ur dick into two pieces lols

What is a glass cutter?

glass cutter is when u cut glass using a glass cutter

What is the birth name of Cutter Garcia?

Cutter Garcia's birth name is Cutter Garcia.

How do you remove rusted carriage bolts from a wooded seated metal frame picnic bench?

Just use a bolt cutter. You'll have them off in 2 minutes.

Where is the wharf in poptropica?

In zomberry island , not for any other island, it is when you find the bolt cutter and cut the lock in Chinatown and you enter through the unlocked door and there you are in the wharf

How do you open samsonite combination lock?

The best way to open a combination lock is to enter the combination. If this isn't possible, a hacksaw or bolt cutter may do the trick.

How do you get a free snack from a vending machine?

Bring along a hairclip that has a little bulge on the end, and bring a small handheld bolt cutter. Under the dollar bill intake is a key slot with a cover, if there is a cover use the bolt cutter to snap the lock and then pick the lock by inserting hairpin all the way in trying to feel tumbler click. After lock opens, open the front of the machine and run like hell.

How long does a cookie cutter shark live?

A Cookie Cutter Shark is a Cookie Cutter Shark

What is rate cutter in aircel services?

rate cutter

How do you use a chamfer cutter?

how do you use a chamfering cutter

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