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What is a complex waveform?

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It is a sine wave form coupled with either a DC component or other sine waves or both.
The official definition of the word waveform is "a curve showing the shape of a wave at a given time."

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Explain how a discharging capacitor in an electronic divice produce complex waveform?

Explain how a discharging capacitor in an electronic divice produce complex waveform?

How do you analyze complex waveform?

Using Fourier Analysis -which is too difficult to explain in this forum.

What is the difference between simple and complex waveforms?

simple waveform - something like a sine wave. Very pure sound like you used to get on the tv when that girl was sitting with the toys in the middle of the night. Complex waveform is like speech etc

Is the human arterial pressure waveform wider than the ECG waveform?

Yes. The EKG (or ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart so the waveform (the QRS complex) reflects how fast the electrical impulse spreads through the heart. The heart actually takes longer than this to contract leading to a wider waveform.

What are harmonics in a complex waveform?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Calculations of Harmonics from Fundamental Frequency".

What is wave analyser?

it is an instrument which is used to measure relative amplitudes of single frequency components of complex waveform.

How do you measure rms value of complex waveform?

rms value is measured using voltmeter with the use of heat sensing elements.

What is the practical application of a Fourier series?

There are many applications for this complex theory. One of these include the determination of harmonic components in a complex waveform. This is very helpful in analyzing AC waveforms in Electrical Engineering.

When was Waveform Records created?

Waveform Records was created in 1994.

What is the difference between waveform from electrocardiogram and electromyogram?

The waveform for an electrocardiogram is the measurement of the heart beat. The waveform of an electromyogram is the measurement of the response of muscles.

What is waveform on the LCD screen?

The waveform on an LCD screen is the wavelength at which the images are being transmitted. The higher the waveform, the better the image quality.

Describe the effects of complex waveforms on electrical systems?

Because a complex wave is purveyed as a 'distortion', this generally equates to an effect on what output the circuit gives. As the complex wave is, as quoted, the sum of the fundamental and the 3rd harmonic (commonly known as superposition), the nature of the effect on electrical and electronic systems are determined by how distorted the complex waveform is.

1 If the voltage applied across a capacitance is triangular in waveform then the waveform of the current is?


What is the physical length of a voltage waveform?

Voltage does not have a waveform. The waveform is based upon the frequency of the voltage or current. A battery (any voltage) does not waveform, however the voltage coming into your house (US) has a frequency of 60 Hz. The length of the 60 hz waveformLength (in centimeters) = (3 x (10 ** 10))/ Frequency in hz =500 000 000 cm

What is the period of a clock waveform whose frequency is 2 mhz?

If the question is what is the waveform for 2 Mhz, then 500nS is the answer (equasion used is f=1/t) If the question is what is the waveform for 2mHz, then 500 S is the answer.

How do you measure the duration of a QRS complex?

The start of the QT interval is the first deviation from the isoelectric line following the p wave and the end is the last time the waveform crosses the isoelectric line before the T-wave begins. The waveform may well corss the isolelectric line several times before the end of the QRS interval. Normal measurement is less than or equal to .12 In simple terms, it is the start and end of the "spiky" high-frequency part of the waveform.

What is nature of waveform?

its wavy !

What does frequency of light mean?

Light is known to be electromagnetic radiation, and as such it is of waveform nature. As a waveform, it has wavelength and its counterpart frequency.

What type of op-amp circuit should be selected to change a triangular waveform into a rectangular waveform?

A differentiator

Who transverse waves are different from longitudinal waves?

A longitudinal wave is a "side-on" waveform. A transverse Wave is a "end-on" waveform.

What is a cycloconverter?

A cycloconverter or a cycloinverter converts an AC waveform, such as the mains supply, to another AC waveform of a lower frequency, synthesizing the output waveform from segments of the AC supply without an intermediate direct-current link.

What is ac waveform?

AC waveform is a graph that tells the degree and radiant. On the graph the degrees is graphed in top and the radiant is on bottom.

Why differentiator only produce a square wave?

It doesn't. It can produce any waveform if you feed the integral of the desired waveform into the differentiator's input.

What is the RMS value of AC sinusoidal waveform?

RMS of a sinusoidal waveform with no DC offset is 1/sqrt(2) of the peak to neutral value.

What is the difference between speech and audio?

A: Audio refers to frequency that can be heard with our ears 20 Hz to 20 kilo Hz. Speech is fundamentally in that area. But speech is a complex waveform restricted to the same frequency and that is fundamentally the difference