What is a contortionist?


A contortionist is an acrobatic performer who specializes in the skill of contortionism. Contortionism is the art of bending or twisting the body in unusual looking way. A contortionist is not only able to flex their spine in amazing ways. The word dislocate, involves contortionism. A contortionist is either categorized into a backbend or a front bend, depending on which way their spine bends more easily. don't try anything that's out of your league or that you're inexperienced with. the contortionists may look amazing and flexible but it obviously needs a lot of practice. a dangerous fact about this is that *unknown source* contortionists' bodies often have internal bleeding because of the moves that they do. internal bleeding leads to higher chance of dying at an earlier age than the average person. if you're considering learning and picking up contortionism, please consult a person that is very experienced and make sure to run through the risks that are involved.