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A drop-down or pull-down menu is something in software where if you hover over an item or click it, it will open up and give you more options. A typical use for something like this is if you are buying something online with a credit card. If you click on a box that says "Card Type" you will get a list "drop down" with the list of common credit cards, and you just pick one. Similarly, when you get to the credit card expiry date, if you click on the date drop-down menu, a bunch of years will open up and you just click on the year your card expires. Or you can just go up to File or Tools on your web browser and click on them and a bunch of options will drop down. Phil

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Q: What is a drop down menu and how would you use it?
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How do you create a drop down menu in CSS?

To create a drop down menu in CSS, use a series of nested

What is a dropdown menu and how do you use it?

A drop down menu is a feature of most operating systems and many websites. It consists of a word (sometimes in a box) that, when clicked, produces a list of choices that "drop down" from the original choice. On websites, there is often a downwards-pointing arrow next to it to let you know it is a drop down menu. Note that, if screen space is limited, many operating systems will have the resulting menu shoot upwards instead. This is still a "drop down" menu! To use a drop down menu, click the word or box or arrow and select an option. For instance, in your web browser, in the top right you should see the word "File". Click that and a menu will drop down. If you select the last option - "Exit" or "Close" - the web browser will quit.

How do you type in other languages on facebook?

Click account settings (from the drop down menu in the top right corner) Click the edit function next to Language Then simply select the language you want to use from the drop down menu ;)

How do you use a drop down menu?

All you have to do is click once on it. This will open the menu. Then just drag or place the cursor on the menu item then double click it. It is simple. Hope this helps. Brad

Where is do you get windows movie maker storyboard?

Click on View in the top menu, and choose Storyboard from the drop-down menu. You can also find the same option above the Time-line. Use the up/down arrow to access the function.

What is the HTML code for drop menu?

There is no HTML code that will create a drop menu. You need to use JavaScript, PHP, or some other programming language to do that.

How do you use a icici direct login?

Basically, one would go around this by firstly entering their personal Identification number, followed by password in the next box. Then you should select from the drop down box where you would like to navigate to first. Finally, click "Login" and the user will then be directed to the page they selected in the drop down menu.

What command will lock rows or columns in position on the screen?

Go to the Window Menu Button on top. Select and experiment with Freeze Panes and Split in the drop-down menu, in order to learn how to use them.

How would you fetch cities of a country from database in php?

It is only possible through use of ajax. Use a drop-down menu for countries and add a onchange even handler which will fetch data. See the related links (provided below for examples)

How much filetype in openoffice and what that's mean?

When you use 'save as' in Open Office, you are presented with a drop-down menu of different file types that the program can save file in.

Already saved in open office now convert into Excel?

Simply use the 'save as' function - and choose the type of file you want to save it as from the drop-down menu.

What is a drop down window and how would you use it?

A drop down window is where you click on a control and another menu pops up. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can see one right now. Move to the top of the screen and find the address bar. At the extreme right of the address bar is an arrow pointing downwards - if you click on it, a drop down menu will appear with a list of options - in this case, websites that you have visited in the past. You use one of these options by clicking on it - say that you wanted to go to Google and you had typed into the address bar the previous day. You would use the dropdown menu to find Google and click on it. Dropdown menus are usuallly used when there are a large number of options for a setting, and can be an alternative to the 'dots' (sry, don't know the actual term) where you have a series of circles and you click to place the dot in the circle corresponding to the option you have selected.

What does the barn do in FarmVille?

You can use the barn to store decorations. You can store items by dragging and dropping them onto the barn, or by clicking on the item and choosing "store item" from the drop-down menu.

How do you convert Open Office file to Excel file?

When you come to save your spreadsheet - use 'Save as' instead of save, and select the correct excel version from the drop-down menu.

How do you create an acsII file on mac?

To create as ASCII file use TextEdit (in the Applications folder). If you have the option to Make Plain Text in the Format menu select that. When saving the file use Save As... and from the Encoding drop down menu select ASCII - if it is not an option select Customize Encodings List and tick the ASCII box to add it to the menu.

Does drag and drop store text on the clipboard?

No, you would have to highlight what you want to copy and then use "Copy" from the Edit menu (or Command -"C") in order for it to be used by Clipboard.

What is the addresses to nearest shriner's cripple children's hospitals?

Go to the main directory in the related link and click on hospitals by specialty or just use the select a hospital drop down menu.

How do i down size my computer screen?

i do know. you use your computer menu and use your latitude to fix it

How do you save in?

1. Left-click item to open menu 2. Right-chick "Open" 3. On toolbar left-click "File" 4. Left-click "Save As" 5. In next window shows "Save In" 6. Use Drop-Down menu to choose location.

Explain the use of drop down list?

If you see a word that describes what you are looking for then click onto it. The drop down list shows the contents of that tab.

How do you use a MacBook to send internet to a MacBook Air using the airport?

In the Sharing section of System Preferences tick the box marked Internet Sharing and select Airport from the drop down menu labelled Share your connection from:

Can lg cookie fresh use recordings as ringtones?

Yes, you can. -First go to the top menu on the phone. (the blue button on the bottom right corner) -Under entertainment, tap 'my stuff'. -Then, tap 'sounds'. -Select the recording you want. -While its playing, click the button on the top left corner. -In the drop down menu, tap 'use as'. -Then select ringtone.

How do you log out of your iTunes account on PC?

On the menu bar, click Store then Sign Out. The shortcut key is ALT+S, O. Alternatively, open the iTunes Store option on the left and use the drop down menu at the top right (where your Apple ID appears, click the triangular arrow to the right), then click Sign Out.

What key do you hold down to use drag and drop in Microsoft Excel?


How do you reset my computer from french to english?

Click... Start > Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and languages. Click the 'Change Keyboards' button. Use the drop-down menu to select the English keyboard. Click 'Apply' then click 'OK'