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What is a funny word?

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eat the pineappple

Nyarg, fandangle, foomc, glomp, fudgeage, diddle, moo, pomperprune, bangaplop, pooblah.


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What is a funny word for mouse?

There are a great many words that could be considered a funny word for mouse. A furball is a funny word.

What is fligy fogly?

it is a funny random word!!!!!!!!!!! it is a funny random word!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a word that means funny that starts with an a?

Amusing is a synonym for the word funny.

Why is the word penis funny?

the word penis is funny because it is a naughty word and it is just really funny. I mean anyone that doesnt find the word PENIS funny is spaztic and a jackass. BELLYBUTTON FLUFF ROCKS.

Greek word for funny?

astios is the greek word for funny in greek writing : αστείος

What part of speech is the word for funny?

The word funny is an adjective. It describes someone who is amusing.

What is a funny word for urine?

A funny word for urine is called pee or tee tee.

What is the German word for funny?

lustig = funny in German

Another word for funny?

Another word for funny can be hilarious, hysterical,humorous,amusing,comical.http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/funny

How do you use word funny in a sentence?

Thank you for the funny valentine. The comedian was very funny.

What word describes a weird and funny girl?

Different is a word that can describe a weird and funny girl.

What is another word for funny?

Another word for funny: comic, comical, silly, riotous, uproarious, hilarious

What are some funny word that start with the letter k?

Kerplunk is a funny word. It begins with the letter k.

Spanish word for funny?

gracioso :) But if you are calling someone funny then: You are funny (to a boy) - eres graciosO You are funny (to a girl) - eres graciosA

How many syllables does funny have?

The word "funny" has a total of two syllables.

What is a negative connotation for the word funny?

"Unpleasant" as in, "This milk tastes funny."

What is the word for an answer that has nothing to do with the question and is meant to be funny?

a rhetorical question- a funny question which doenst need an answer but is funny

What are some funny words that start with the letter I?

Ick is a funny word. The word means something sticky or disgusting.

How do you spell another word for funny?

another word for funny: comic, comical, silly, riotous, uproarious, hilarious

Why does the word pianist sound funny?

Any word will sound funny to someone who is not familiar with it or if it is pronounced in a way that the hearer is not used to. The word pianist is no exception.

What is the plural form of funny?

The word "funny" is an adjective, so it does not have a plural form.

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