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The area covered by the geographic unit like a city, county or state.

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Q: What is a geographic size?
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What is the largest country in the world in terms of geographic size?

The largest country in the world by geographic size is Russia.

What is the geographic size of nigeria?


What are the geographic characteristics of a state?

The geographic characteristics of a state are size, shape, and relative location.

What is Japans geographic size?

50.2 milimeters

What size is the geographic range of the species?


What is the geographic size of Brazil?

Im unsure

What is China's geography size?

China's geographic size is 3,600,927 square mile.

How can you compare the size of cities?

Geographic area size & population count for density.

What is geographic size of the US?

Area: 9,826,675 km2

What is Mississippi's size?

Size of What? State population: ~3 million Geographic size: 48,434 square miles

What is the equivalent of british 14year old in american size?

Age has nothing to do with size nor geographic location.

What are three geographic characteristics of countries?

Size, Shape, and relative location.

What is the geographic size of Troy Michigan?

Troy Michigan is 8.6 square miles.

What is the meaning of size of country geographic area population and income?

huge chunkyness

How do maps change?

they change in size the ways the place or places look the geographic placing the size and shape the information changes

What size is the geographic range of the megalodon?

The geographical size of a Megalodon varies from 13 - 18 meters

What is the geographic size of New Mexico?

Area: (315,194 km2) or 121,593 square miles.

What geographic characteristics describe a country?

Size, shape, and relative location. Hope this was useful :)

What is the geographic size of Florida?

It contains 65,795 square miles and is the 22nd largest US State.

What is the rank order of Michigan?

The state of Michigan ranks 8th in population and 11th in geographic size.

Which factor contributed most to the limited size of the Chinese empire?

Please I don't this

List 8 types of geographic places in order of size?

Here is a list of 8 types of geographic water feature in order of size . . . Ocean, Sea, River, Stream, Lake, Pond, Brook or Creek, and Rill.

What is the geographic land size per square meter of Abuja?

713 square Kilometers or about 713000000 M2

10 largest us cities by geographic area?

What is the largest U.S. city in terms of geographical size?

What is bigger manila or Singapore?

Singapore!. It has 3 times the population and 20 times the geographic size of Manila.