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What is a good cheap 3d graphics card?

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Good and cheap are common words in America today. So are 3d graphics cards. Graphics cards can be relatively cheap, you just have to know what you are in for. If you need a 64MB+ Video Card compatible with games like (CS, AA, BF2, SWAT) don't use your motherboards graphic chip. I know for a fact that the Intel GL graphics chips do not include Hardware Transform & Lighting which is needed to play the above games to full potential. NVIDIA and ATi are the nation's leading producers of consumer graphics cards. I personally recommend NVIDIA. They used to have a great graphics card, with 128mb ram, with hardware transform & lighting for around $39.95 USD on sale at major retailers like BestBuy and CircuitCity. I don't know the validity of this now, but search those sites and your local retailers. What I will say is, don't go crazy on those 256, and 512 mb graphics cards. If a game says it needs 128 MB of graphics memory, don't think a 512 mb stick would be this "miracle of performance." I wish the best of luck to all who are interested.

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Is a cheap laptop designed for Internet tasks such as web browsing good for 3D graphics?

Probably not - 3D graphics uses a lot of memory, and preferably an independent graphics card. Laptops usually share their RAM with video, audio and other tasks, which makes it unsuitable for 3D graphics.

Is The 3ds's 3d Graphics good?

They are! I own a Nintendo 3DS, and I was amazed at how good the 3D was. Even the graphics when the 3D is off are good, too!

What do you use a graphics card for?

3d animation

What exactly is a graphics card?

a graphics processing unit or graphics card is the "device" that works with your CPU to display 3D and 2D graphics for various games and programs.

What is tha function of veido card?

A video card (aka graphics card) renders components that are being displayed on your screen. even the windows transparency is rendered by a graphics card. many low end computers have graphics integrated into their cpu. this is not good for 3d gaming. So if you are a hardcore gamer get a laptop/pc with a dedicated graphics card.

Can you play tekken5 without 3d graphics card on PC?


What is uma graphics?

Its how the game look, if the game is 3d it has good graphics, but if its 2d it has poor graphics.

Do I need a fancy graphics card for doing house 3d designes?

This depends on what CAD program you'll be using, but generally speaking you don't need a very robust or recent graphics card to do 3D house designs.

How do you play games without graphics card?

if you love solitaire, dont buy a graphics card, if you love something better, buy 1. you cant play any good games without a graphics card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...NO... download 3D analyzer and use it. Refer to this video for help--

What does an AGP Card do in a computer?

An Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Card enables 3D computer graphics to be displayed on computers. This is often linked to a video card, which improves game playing experiences on computers.

What is a good graphics card for a workstation?

Assuming this would not be a workstation that relies heavily on 3D modelling software such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, etc. your graphics card requirements ought to be quite low. A GeForce 7800GT or an ATI Radeon HD 3650 would be my recommendations, as both cards are capable enough to last a while and not robust enough to be more of a gaming card.

What is mean of antialiasing in computer graphics?

Basicley, it can improve or deprove the quality of 3d graphics. if your computer sucks, you can turn down antialiasing so it runs faster if your computer has a good graphics card and memory, you can turn it up so it looks better.

How do you upload a graphic card to play second life?

It is only possible to upload the latest drivers for any specific graphics card. Second life is a 3d game that generally requires a high performance graphics card.

Does Starcraft 2 need a 64 MB 3D graphics card or a 128 MB graphics card?

look at box. i dont know from top of my head, but will tell on box or in instruction manuel.

Can you view Google Earth without a graphic card in your computer?

Google Earth requires a 3D capable graphics card with DirectX9 or OpenGL with 64MB of VRAM. Google Earth simply won't work without a graphics card.

What is a graphic card in a laptop?

Graphics processors (not always connected to a "card") are for all visual processing. So, everything you see on your screen, thats why you have a graphics card. A better card wont make it look much better, its already as good as its going to get unless videos don't run well or you're running games or other 3D software.

What is the separate component that is typically retained in higher end systems for 3d gaming and computer graphics?

graphical card

What is the purpose of graphic card in PC?

A graphics card is a hardware component which is used to generate and output 2D/3D images on a display. a graphic card is nothing but game RAM

What is 3d analize?

3D Analyze is a software to emulate various 3D graphics.

Where can you get Pixel Shader 1.1 or better without buying a new graphics card?

you cant but you can emualte it if you have a good computer with at least 2gb ram and 2.0ghz software called 3d analayze

What is the best computer for 3D modeling?

3D modeling programs take up lots of memory, so having extra memory will be good. Also, a good graphics card helps with the real time renders in the viewing windows of 3d modeling programs. If your are mainly heavy rendering, like for animations, you'll want a good processor and fast computer with extra RAM.

What is grafic card and its function?

It handles all computation to do with displaying a picture on the screen. It relieves the overhead on the main CPU and memory, by having it's own. Most motherboards have a graphics chip, but a dedicated card is an improvement, for fast 3D graphics.

Will the ati radeon x1550 hm 512 mb pci 3d video graphics card work with fallout 3?

Yes it will

IS the graphics of Minecraft 3D?


Which hardware manages graphics and user commands for distribution to screen?

It is called a video card or graphics card. Video hardware can be integrated on the motherboard. This is usually called integrated graphics or on-board graphics & it maybe low-performance & undesirable for those wishing to run 3D applications. disabling of the integrated graphics chip is enabled when adding a higher-performance graphics card in the PCI Express slot or the older AGP slot. A dedicated ATI or nVidia graphics card has it's own RAM and Processor specifically for processing video images & thus offloads this work from the CPU and system RAM.

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