What is a good cheap 3d graphics card?

Good and cheap are common words in America today. So are 3d graphics cards. Graphics cards can be relatively cheap, you just have to know what you are in for. If you need a 64MB+ Video Card compatible with games like (CS, AA, BF2, SWAT) don't use your motherboards graphic chip. I know for a fact that the Intel GL graphics chips do not include Hardware Transform & Lighting which is needed to play the above games to full potential. NVIDIA and ATi are the nation's leading producers of consumer graphics cards. I personally recommend NVIDIA. They used to have a great graphics card, with 128mb ram, with hardware transform & lighting for around $39.95 USD on sale at major retailers like BestBuy and CircuitCity. I don't know the validity of this now, but search those sites and your local retailers. What I will say is, don't go crazy on those 256, and 512 mb graphics cards. If a game says it needs 128 MB of graphics memory, don't think a 512 mb stick would be this "miracle of performance." I wish the best of luck to all who are interested.