What is a good compact mega zoom camera needs to be under 200 on amazon or eBay at LEAST 10 times ZOOM GREAT picture quality and functionality?

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The FujiFilm FinePix S200 is an awesome camera for its price.
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When was zoom first invented for cameras?

For cameras, about 1902. Production of the patent from that year did not take place until about 1932 and was used in 35mm movie cameras as the first true zoom (meaning the focal plane did not shift appreciably when the lens was zoomed). The concept was first invented for telescopes around 1834, but ( Full Answer )

What is a good camera brand or a specific camera that is cheap and has a good zoom like 8x?

Nikon, Canon, Sony etc., are all very good and economical too.. The differentiator should not be the price, but how it feels in your hand.. Can the camera take the types of pictures that you want to take.. Also, very few cameras have 8x optical zoom. Digital zoom is not very good as the picture q ( Full Answer )

What is a zoom?

A zoom is a humming noise of something moving really fast, a quick ascent, or a large increase.

What is the best zoom lens for Nikon camera?

There is no single answer to this question unless you say more about what you mean by "best"; do you mean the best possible quality, the lightest, the biggest range, widest or longest or best value?. Having said all that(!), I'd suggest the single most useful lens is the 18-200mm - it covers most c ( Full Answer )

Can the iPhone camera zoom?

nope. as far as i can tell you'll need to buy a telescope attachment, or wait for apps like CameraPro or Snapture to be added to the Apple app store ____ If you tap on the screen once it brings up a zoom function. iphone 3Gs with latest updates

How do you zoom out?

right click on home page and then click on zoom out or right click on view then zoom,and then zoom out ctrl+shift+- zoom out ctr+shift+ + zoom in

Is 3.6 zoom good for a digital camera?

3.6 is good for general photography. In small digital cameras, the zoom is most useful for framing shots without having to move nearer or farther away, or for getting more or less subject matter in the shot. For true telephotography, you would want a camera with 10x or more.

Is 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom good?

3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom are standard features on most mid-range pocket digital cameras. A better optical zoom capability would be 6x or 8x optical. The digital zoom capability can be ignored, since all it does is crop and expand your image, necessarily reducing its resolution. Digital zo ( Full Answer )

Can you get a zoom lens for your digital camera?

It depends on the camera. If it has detachable lenses, there should be a variety of zoom lenses available. Vivitar and Sigma are good manufacturers, and of course your camera manufacturer's offerings are the best choices of all.

What is the zoom for in a digital camera?

from all the camara's i have seen where you press to take a picture there is a little "slide button" and all you have to do is push it forward to zoom out and back to zoom in.

Camera zoom lens was invented in..?

digital cameras --------------------------------------- Zooms have been around a Lot longer than digital cameras, but it wasn't until the mid '70's that computers were used to help design them, making them more affordable and efficient (smaller)

What is the X in digital camera zooms?

The lens of a digital camera has a certain focal length, expressed in mm. For example, a 50mm lens has a field of view that approximates what we see with our eyes looking straight ahead. A 25mm wide-angle lens has a field of view that approximates what we see with our eyes when we turn our head from ( Full Answer )

Does a film camera zoom in?

I don't think so, because it can't digitally enhance the film to zoom in. Some might be able to, none that I know of though. It depends. Some cameras have a lens of fixed focal length and can't. Others, more expensive have zoom lenses built in (the equivalent of an optical zoom on digital). With S ( Full Answer )

Is 18x optical zoom a good zoom?

i would say generally yes. Though it depends on the camera. I have a full hd camera with 16x optical, which is fantastic for hd. I also have a standard definition one with 40x optical. 18X zoom should be fine for most situations though. Just be sure to stay away from digital zoom, it decreases qu ( Full Answer )

How do you zoom in?

well really, it depends on what your trying to zoom in on i guess, because u cant just have the question "how do u zoom in", really it all depends on what u want to zoom in ;)

Do SLR camera have zoom?

Yes, SLR's (Single Lens Reflex) cameras have the ability to change lenses from the body to adapt to different photo situations. The benefit is that all functions relating to the photo are functions of the lens. You control the aperture (the amount of light passing through the lens), focus, and zoom ( Full Answer )

How does a camera zoom in and out?

On a digital camera, there is usually a knob on the top of the camera. On Panasonic cameras the zoom knob is around the shutter button. Left zooms out and right zooms in.

Is Zoom a good goldfish name?

It can be, is there a specific meaning for Zoom?? It is a really good name if you want your fish to be zoom it can be. The meaning will just mean fast or speedy.

Does LG cosmos camera have a zoom?

Yes, it does. You have to reduce the resolution from 1280X960 to 640X480, then you can use the volume control buttons to zoom.

Can you zoom in on the dsi camera?

No :( not when you are taking the photo. But when u go to your DSI Camera almub and click the photo you want to zoom into, double click it then it will let you zoom in or out once :D xx

Why do imovie pictures zoom in and out?

iMovie adds the zooming effect (called the Ken Burns effect) to slideshows you can either turn it off when you set up a new project or in an existing project right click on a clip and select Project Properties... from the menu and then change the Initial Photo Placement setting to Fit In Frame.

How do you zoom on camera on iPod touch?

Make sure the switch in the bottom right corner is set on camera. Then use two fingers, put them together on the screen and move them apart. Then there will be a little bar at the bottom of the screen. If you want to zoom in, simply drag the small dot on the bar towards the plus sign. Unfortunately, ( Full Answer )

Is their a way you can zoom in pictures from a site?

Hold ctrl and scroll your mouse button up. However the whole website gets bigger, and the picture you might want to see could get out of screen. And the quality might worsen. It might be better to just use paint or any other image adapting program... and just zoom in.

How do you zoom in on an iPod touch camera?

you tap the screen when you are using the camera app and there will be a slider hat come along the bottom that is the zoom but if that doesnt work, cover the the camera lenses until you only see black, and then tap the screen, the bar should come up. you can then remove your hand and it will sti ( Full Answer )

Would all 10 mega pixel camera have the same picture quality?

The resolution should be the same. The picture quality is also determined by how well the camera copes with light and other factors such as being able to replicate true colours, so there is variation. Some will be better than others.

Paint Zoom is it good?

I don't have any first hand experience with the Paint Zoom, but I have used power painters. Wagner has the brand trust and loyaly and has been proven to last. It also costs less then halve the price for a far superior product. Test it yourself by doing a Google search for Wagner and compare prices y ( Full Answer )

How do you you zoom the camera on the Pantech Hotshot?

If you phone is at maximum resolution (2048x1620, or something like that) it actually cannot zoom at all. If you change the settings (the little gear in the lower right corner when the camera is active) so that the camera resolution is something closer to 1620x1080 (again, from memory), when in the ( Full Answer )

How do you zoom pictures in Facebook?

Good news facebook fanatics, we developed a software that instantly zoom facebook pictures - http://download.cnet.com/Facebook-Zoom/3000-12941_4-75744517.html. Facebook zoom is a free tool allowing to enlarge thumbnail Facebook images by hovering over them with your mouse. Works well on most browser ( Full Answer )

How do you zoom in on a picture and save it on a Blackberry?

to zoom in you press the trackpad in and to save the zoomed in version you must have an app called screen muncher, if you have screen muncher press the blackberry button and press screen muncher and then save

Can zoom lenses be used on digital cameras?

Yes. Most digital cameras come installed with a zoom lens. Basic cameras, such as those for beginning photographers, generally do not have interchangeable lenses. A digital camera with an interchangeable lens will cost more.

What does 12X mean on a zoom camera?

The 12x on a zoom camera means the digital cropping of an image which is enlarged in size. This creates the illusion of a zoom effect. So basically the lens can crop forward to get a closer look of something 12x.

What is a zooming?

A zooming is a sound or a motion which zooms in on something orsomeone else.