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A good free animation program is 'sketchstar' on Miniclip, but if you want even more tools you have to become a member.

Blender is also good.

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Q: What is a good free animation program?
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What are some free animation programs?

There is a good basic, animation program called Pencil. It is completely free, unless you want to make a donation. It's pretty good for a free thing!

What is the best stick animation free program?

Pivot Stickfigure Animator.... Its good....

What is the best cheap program for animation?

You can do basic animation with Grisoft's GIMP, which is free.

What is a good program for animation?

stiks is a great program for that

What is the best free animation program?

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

How can one go about finding good animation programs?

There are many ways you can go about finding a good animation program. Finding a good program would depend on the budget your trying to spend, the animation that is going to be created, and the personal needs to be choose from.

What is a free program that does animations like flash animation?

AH! I found one! Called pencil! Awesome program!

Where can you find a free and safe animation program where you animate your own drawings?


Animation programs in stores?

You should not buy a animation program if you do not need too. You can find perfectly good animation software right online, such as Blender is a free 3d animation prgram which can offer reasonably high graphics and can make movies, games, and a bunch of other things to. try googling

How do you get the animation creator like in animation vs animator?

If you mean the program/software which is featured in the animation, its called Adobe Flash and you have to buy it or you can download a free trial see the related link below

How do you make a good 3D YouTube intro for free?

You can learn how to use a free 3D animation program like Blender. A simple intro with just text and a background should be fairly easy to create.

Does anyone know a good free program to create Family Guy American Dad style animations Thanks?

The program used to create Family Guy and American Dad animation is called Toon Boom Studio. Alternatives to this program include Adobe Flash Professional, CreaToon, Plastic Animation Paper, and Ella, among others.

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