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You cannot get ripped and gain muscle. Stop reading bodybuilding magazines, get off and go read Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.

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Q: What is a good pill or powder or shake if you want to become cut or lean with muscle gain?
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What does weight gain powder do?

weight gain powder gives you more muscle.

Can you gain muscle without protein shake?

NO you do not need a protein shake to gain muscle, this just helps give energy or protein to HELP GAIN muscles

Will you gain muscle weight if you grow taller playing basketball?

Answer: Your frame size will become larger so you will gain weight, but not from muscle mass. You can gain muscle mass from exercise.

How you will gain the weight?

You can by taking protein powder which creates fat that quickly turns into muscle, which creates more weight. Working out in general will help you gain weight as you are building muscle.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of protein powder?

Some advantages of protein powder are muscle building and weight loss. Disadvantages of protein powder usage are kidney stones, gout, and weight gain.

How much muscle can you gain by using muscle milk?

none. muscle milk is synthetic garbage and all soy protein. use a natural whey protein shake or onesource optimal nutrition for mass.

What protein shake make you gain weight?

onesource optimal nutrition or Gatorade recovery. just stay away from muscle milk.

Can you gain weight by taking protein powder without working out?

Yes you most definitely will gain weight if you eat protein and not exercise. If you're working out to gain muscle, this tears your muscle fibers and the protein is used to repair the fibers. If you don't work out, the protein is going nowhere except your hips.

When you gain muscle do you gain pounds?

Yes, because as the size of your muscle increases, the mass of your muscle increases. And when the mass of your muscle increases, so does the weight.

Why might you gain weight after a fitness plan?

Exercise stimulates muscle growth. So, while you may lose weight formerly stored in the form of fat, you could gain new muscle mass as you become fitter.

Do you have to work out with weights to gain muscle?

If you want to gain muscle than weight lifting is your friend.

What is weight gain powder?

Powder you mix with liquids and drink, it's high in everything and therefor will make you gain weight

Can anyone gain muscle and Strength?

Anyone can gain muscle and Strength.. you should used heavy load and lower repetition in that case your muscle gain strength and strength at the same time

How can a 15-year-old boy gain muscle?

15 year old boys can gain muscle. A high protein diet and plenty of exercise will help to gain muscle mass.

Is it easier to gain muscle from fat?

It's impossible to gain muscle from fat. You get muscle from heavy exercises and protein :>

Do you gain weight when you lift weight?

Well, muscle ways more than fat. So if you gain enough muscle, you will gain weight.

Will Ensure make you gain Muscle?

In order to gain muscle you need to work them regardless what you eat or drink.

What can you do to gain muscle on your body?

To gain muscle on your body you can do many things. Some are weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks, and even running on a treadmill. There are many other things that you can do to gain muscle, so you can even make up your own way to gain muscle.

How much muscle gain is possible if you work out every night?

It is best if you give a muscle group at least a day or two of rest to give time to GAIN the muscle. If you lift every day you aren't going to gain good muscle mass.

How do I gain more muscle tone?

A proper diet will help you gain more muscle tone. Eating protein rich foods in conjunction with protein supplements will increase your muscle tone. Also, a weightlifting routine is necessary to gain muscle tone.

Does your weight increase with muscle gain?

When you order a steak, is it weightless? No. Of course your weight goes up when you gain muscle.

How can you gain muscle rather than fat?

well if you want to gain muscle is to work out and you don't lose fat

How do you gain lots of muscle?

You gain muscles by doing muscle building stretches and you have to exercise at least twice a day

Haw many calories should you eat to gain muscle?

Calories alone do not produce muscle. You should have a good balanced diet, a protein shake or two per day, glutamine is good, creatine, and a good free weight exercise routine.

They say you always gain muscle before losing fat when dieting so how much muscle can I expect to gain before I start losing?

It is true that you often gain muscle prior to losing fat. This is a natural process, and it is helpful because a higher level of muscle produces a healthier metabolism. Each person has a different amount of muscle they will gain prior to losing fat, though many people gain muscle for months prior to losing fat.