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I will demolish the building using the wrecking ball after I eat my pickle.

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Q: What is a good sentence for demolish?
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Can you give me a sentence for demolish?

The man had to demolish the car in thirty seconds.

How do you use demolish in a sentence?

Their intention was to demolish the sports palace, so they blew up The Kingdome.

How can you use the word demolish in a sentence?

Subject Demolish Object Hitler demolished the Jewish Population. She demolished your sexual life.

What is a sentence with the word demolish?

They wanted to demolish the building but the mayor rejected the project

A sentence with demolish?

Billy was so hungry that it did not take him long to demolish a large portion of Fish and Chips The contractors moved in the demolish what was left of the flats after a fire ripped through the building last week. The Big Bang Company plan to use explosives to demolish the old cooling tower.

What is the antonym for demolish?

The antonym for 'demolish' is 'construct'

What is the Romanian word for demolish?

demolish = a demola

Is prepare the opposite of demolish?

'Prepare' is not the opposite of 'demolish'; 'build' or 'construct' are two words that are opposites of 'demolish'.

What part of speech is demolish?

Demolish is a verb.

Describe two ways that material failure can be put to good use?

good use is to demolish the structure

How do you use choleric in a sentence?

When describing a bad-tempered person.people of the choleric type will rip, tear, and demolish anything in their way.

Use demolition in a sentence?

demolition means to demolish or be demolishing. It was not a very smart idea to be playing near the demolition grounds.

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