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Pull the starter and take it to a auto parts store that will test it for you.

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Q: What is a good way to check your starter for a dead short?
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How do you check the starter solenoid relay on Kawasaki Vulcan 1500?

Short the two battery leads together, this will bypass the solenoid and should turn the starter. But this does not answer the just lets you see if the starter works. How do you CHECK the solenoid to see if it is GOOD or BAD???

How do you get your car to start even though the battery is not dead and it makes no noise?

this could possibly be a starter problem if batt is good but your getting nothing then check your starter this would be the case connect it

How do you know if your external regulator is good on an 89 geo tracker it does not start battery is good thanks?

if the battery is good, it is not the regulator.i would check all fuses first,then check starter solenoid and starter

Alternator is good battery keeps dying?

have the battery tested, average life of a battery is 2 to 3 years. if battery is good check voltage regulator and starter motor. there is a short somewhere if the battery is good

You got 1997 f150 ford it wil not turn oven good battery?

check your starter or starter relay.

What causes starting problems in a 1997 Pontiac Transport with a good battery even when it is jumped?

I've had this happen to me 2 times for the following reason. Check and see if it will start while in Neutral. If it does, then it is likely your Neutral Safety Switch. Doesn't necessary mean it is bad, as sometimes it just need to be adjusted. Also, if you know the starter is good, as mine was and I had HAD a good battery, it turned out that I had a dead cell in it. So if it is on that dead cell, it won't start. Also check the starter solenoid.

How do you know if you need a starter?

easiest wat to check a starter is to turn on ignition.then with a screw driver cross the positive lead to starter wire on the starter motor if the starter is good this will turn over the engine if starter is bad it will not if this does tuen over engine , you can then check solenoid and other ignition parts

Why does the starter not crank on your 2002 Pontiac grand am The starter and battery are good and the key has been replaced?

check your alternator or make sure the starter is on correctly

How do you check the starter on a 1997 Saturn SC1 because car will not turn over and has a strong battery Fixed it?

Check the connections at the starter, and at the battery. If they are good, remove the starter and have it bench tested at an Auto Parts Store.

Why wont my 1993 jeep crank the battery is good and the starter is good what else could it be?

Check the starter relay. Also try to start it in Neutral. Let me know!

Why won't my 98 Dakota turn over Battery is fine lights radio blower motor etc all come on won't turn over won't click just dead silent?

Have you checked to see if you have power to starter? If if do then problem is in starter or solenoid. No power then check fuse in fuse box that is in the engine compartment. Check battery cables at the battery & starter. On the positive side of battery there is 2 cables (one smaller) That smaller cable goes to the starter switch then a wire goes from switch to starter. Check that you have a good ground at the starter. Check that the engine is grounded to the frame/body. That will be those wide straps on rear or sides of engine. If you raised the body or replaced the engine then a good chance that the ground has become disconnected.

How can you tell if a starter has went out on an Ford truck?

If the engine won't turn over when you operate the key that's a pretty good idea. You then check battery condition and connections first. If they are good, then go to the starter and check for good grounding and voltage when the key is turned.

Why will Chevy S10 Truck not start?

Could be any number of things. Check and see if you have a good connection to the battery. If that's good then see if the battery is dead. If all else fails give the starter a good whack with a wrench or anything you may have handy.

1995 sable makes a clicking sound but wont start and the battery is good any ideas?

Check the leads to the starter and also if the battery has a full charge (should be around 12.4 volts). There may be a short in the wiring, fried starter solenoid or a wiring issue.

How do you get shiny starter without cheats on soul silver?

First, pick the starter then after you get it, check it picture to see if its shiny or not. If it is, good job. If it wasn't, good luck next time. The chances are very VERY slim to get a shiny starter.

Your 1998 ford escort zx2 won't start it just clicks?

your battery is flat Could be that your starter is dead. The clicking is the starter solenoid. That's a good thing that it is at least clicking. Replace the starter.

How can you tell your starter is going bad on 1991 Toyota 4 runner?

Not sure if its the starter or the battery? Check the battery at a store. They can do a check on it for free. If its good then the starter could be bad. Bad starters don't work or they work intermittently. Usually just ehear a click and then when you retry it starts. That's the symptoms. Most places can also check the starter for you.

No start after new starter and battery only clickiing sound tested new starter and new battery checks good is there a relay or interlock switch?

What kind of car? Check the solenoid if not on the starter, like Ford. Re-check all the connections and the ground.

Will start with jump leads battery good?

Check for loose or corroded battery cables Check for loose connection at starter or ground

2008 Nissan Titan won't start after jump?

Check your battery to make sure it isn't dead. If the battery is dead and won't hold a charge, replace and you should be good. If the battery is good I would take it to a mechanic. Check the main fuses under the hood, one may have popped if there was an accidental short while jumping the car.

Why would a ford focus not even click when trying to start with a good battery?

Check if there is voltage to the starter "S" terminal (if starter does not have the small wire, ensure the starter relay is working). Go from there

Why want a 2001 ford f150 supercrew with 5.4 v8 start has good battery and cables?

Check the starter and the cable from the starter to the starter relay. Also, the relay itself. Could be any of these.

The starter connections are all good but it only clicks once?

Check for a bad engine earth.

Why wont a 97 eclipse gst start if the battery and starter is good what could the problem be?

Check the 97 Eclipse starter solenoid. Also check the wiring for any loose connections. Since the battery and starter are goor, these are the two most likely problem spots.

What is wrong if the starter won't do anything after you replaced the starter relay on an 1989 Mustang 4 cylinder that has a good battery and new alternator?

check your wiring,also check to see if theres power leaving the relay.