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What is a good way to simulate a bomb explosion?

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There are simulation devices intended for use by professionals- I will not attempt to give instructions for creating such a device, as it is very close to BEING a bomb. The film industry uses pyrotechnic devices constructed and fired by professionals- and still has accidents with them.

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What does a bomb explosion sound like?

I think the initial explosion of an a bomb is way higher decibels than there is measure for presently.answer:boom

Is any way to survive a bomb explosion?

no, unless you create a bubble that does not exploed that carries your blood. so no

Is there a way to simulate flying?


How does a neutron bomb explode?

A neutron bomb is a form of nuclear weapon. It explodes in several steps. In the first step, control circuits fire electronic blasting caps cause conventional explosives to detonate. They are shaped in such as way that the explosion crushes a ball of nuclear material (mainly plutonium) causing that to produce nuclear fission (an atomic explosion). THAT serves as the trigger to a nuclear fusion explosion- (similar to the hydrogen bomb). This releases heat, blast, and neutrons.

What did the person need in orderto make an atomb bomb?

You need an atomic element such as uranium or plutonium. You need a way to house the nuclear element and a way to spark the explosion. You would also need a way to deliver the bomb. See the related link below to get you started on your research for your homework.

How did hulk get his powers?

Bruce Banner created a gamma bomb which he was testing. he pressed the button which activated the gamma bomb , but a daft teenager came in the area where the bomb was and Bruce Banner risked his life. and pushed the teenager out of the way while trying to save the teenager he got caught in the gamma bomb explosion and transformed into the incredible robust hulk but saved the teenager.

What would happen if A nuclear Power plant was struck with a Nuclear bomb?

AnswerThere would be a gigantic explosion AnswerThe force of the actual explosion would depend entirely on the bomb. The material in the power plant would almost certainly not contribute to the force of the explosion in any way. Nuclear explosions are not merely a matter of achieving critical mass; the critical mass has to be maintained while the explosion takes place, which is not easy. The environmental damage done by the bomb would probably be worse than if it had gone off in some other place, because the radioactive material at the power plant would be scattered to some unpredictable extent.Nuclear power plants are never, or nearly never, built in cities because of the possibility of accident. A nuclear bomb hitting a nuclear power plant would possibly cause fewer fatalities than a bomb hitting a city.

What does it feel like to be hit in the nuts Is there a way that a female can simulate the feeling?

a good swift kick in her groin is very equal...BUT if you are the one to administer this....BE READY TO RUN

What can prevent nuclear explosions?

The only way to stop a nuclear explosion is the disarming of the bomb either by cutting the bomb's power supply, the removal of the plutomium/uranium core or by disarming the explosive trigger.

How do you put an explosion on movie maker?

If you are wondering if there is an explosion effect... there isn't. The only way to get an explosion (that I know of) is to import a video of one.

Did Sally Ride die in a explosion on the way back from outer space?

no sally ride did not die in the challenger explosion. but she did investigate on the explosion.

What is the fastest way to lvl in gta4 miltiplayer?

hangman's NOOSE with good friends and bomb-da-base II with fast and good friends.

What can a person do to simulate on the moon?

Well, you'd need a vacuum chamber however large you need to simulate whatever you are doing. There is no other way, as air will make dust etc. billow instead of falling like gravel. And you would need to simulate low gravity. The only known way to do this is to be inside the so-called "vomit comet" plane, which can simulate low gravity for a few seconds at a time. Attempts to simulate low gravity with wire rigs simply don't work. The astronauts trained on such, but when they got to the Moon, found out that they needed to move differently than they thought, from the training. Really, there is no way to simulate the Moon, while on the Earth. Can you see moon hoaxers building a vacuum chamber seventeen miles long, to simulate the 17 miles the Rover traveled, transmitting camera and all? How do you simulate low gravity on something to large to fit in a Vomit Comet?

How do you make a homemade tornado?

the way to simulate a tornado at home would be using water.

What is the difference between a dumb bomb and a smart bomb?

a dumb bomb just falls with gravity when dropped, a smart bomb has some sort of guidance system, a way of correcting its flight path all the way to the target.

Best way to die?

A bomb

Other than radiation is a nuclear explosion more destructive than a conventional explosion with the same yield and is the way the energy is being released portioned differently in a nuclear explosion?

Yes. an X kiloton of Nuclear bomb vs X kiloton of RDX/TNT. Nuclear Explosion is more destructive because apart from Shock wave and cloud of fire it will make the entire region Radio Active which will not only destroy the life and life forms currently present but will ruin that area for ages to come.

Why did you make the atomic bomb?

One way, it might sound selfish, is to fart in a really big bar for 6 years and 9 months( or was it 9years and 6 months?) and then stick a cord in it. Light the cord, and run as fast as you can away from the bag hopping you don't get caught in the explosion. And people made the atomic bomb to make destruction.

How loud was the atomic bomb when it hit hiroshima?

There is really no way to measure the sound of an atomic bomb- it runs completely off the scale- In normal air, the loudest possible sound is 194 dB. However, a nuclear explosion is so violent that it changes the air momentarily to a density greater than steel or concrete. THAT is not normal air.

What is a walk through football practice?

It is trying to simulate a game at walking speed. Which is not the way the game is played.

What if Truman had founda way to showjapanese leaders a demonstration of the bomb?

He order two bombs and the Japanese got a good example of the devastation.

How do you prevent a time bomb virus from happening?

There is no easy way to really prevent a time bomb from being executed. All I can tell you is to have a good installed antivirus and 1). Let the antivirus do all the work or 2). Find out when the time bomb will "go off" and manually remove it.

What is the difference between atomic bomb and nuclear bomb?

They are the same it is just another way of stating it

What was distinct about the bomb on hiroshima?

The bomb in Hiroshima was plutonium and the Nagasaki was uranium.

Eassy on Pakistan bomb blast essay Pakistan?

hi y the blast bomb way any day balast in bomb Pakistan