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A hegemony is a system where one ruling social group or state gains consent of leadership or dominance over another state/s or group(s).

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Q: What is a hegemony?
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What is a sentence with hegemony in it?

A sentence with hegemony in it, is a description of a dominant factor

A sentence for hegemony?

Cultural hegemony is a Marxist concept. Cultural hegemony is the dominance of one social group over another.

How many pages does Hegemony or Survival have?

Hegemony or Survival has 304 pages.

What is the ISBN of Hegemony or Survival?

The ISBN of Hegemony or Survival is 0-8050-7400-7.

What is patriarchal hegemony?

Hegemony is when a social group claims a dominating position in a social hierarchy. In this case, patriarchal hegemony is the dominant social position of the men and the subordinate position of women.

How can you use hegemony in a sentence?

hegemony: leadership/predominance.Capitalists and Communists have been in an internecine bellum for hegemony.(internecine bellum being a war that hurts or injures both sides.)hope this helps!

What actors and actresses appeared in Hegemony - 2006?

The cast of Hegemony - 2006 includes: Kathleen Brower Diahanna Davidson

What is domination by a superpower called?


Sentence for hegemony?

Example sentence - It appears most politicians have a warped vision of hegemony pushing out all but what turns to their own gains.

Why did Italy fight as a member of the axis powers?

You see, German hegemony over most of continental Europe; Italian hegemony over the Mediterranean Sea; and Japanese hegemony over East Asia and the Pacific made them partners in crime.

Who had hegemony in northern Europe by the end of the Thirty Years' War?

England had hegemony in Northern Europe by the end of the Thirty Years' War.

What is the definition for male hegemony?

Male dominance.

Is hegemony a negative word?

Hegemony does have negative connotations. It implies control of one group0 over all others, and thus a denial of freedom to them. It implies tyranny.

What is an area where a major power held sway?


What is traditional approach to historical approach?

whats is hegemony

What is the The religious endorsement for political rule in China known as?


How can you put the word hegemony in a sentence?

The family's century-long hegemony over the town ended with the triplets, as all three men were lazy, violent criminals whom no one could respect.

What do you call dominance or leadership by one state or social group?


Why does Siri launch a rebellion against the Hegemony in Hyperion?

Siri doesn't launch the rebellion. She was pro Hegemony, until the conversation in the fishing scow. After she died, Merin Aspic launched the rebellion by blowing up the farcaster.

What is the serial code to hegemony Gold wars of ancient Greece?

kose bibit

What is called by domination by one country over another country or religion?


Can smaller and weaker states provide any resistance to us hegemony?


As a result of the punic war was?

The defeat of Carthage resulted in Roman hegemony in the western Mediterranean .

In which battle did ancient Macedon take over the hegemony of Greece?

Chaeroea 338 BCE.

Why were Carthage and Rome rivals?

Originall allies, they fought for hegemony over the Western Mediterranean.