What is a jailbroken iPod touch?

it pretty much is a ipod with like its seceriy and firewalls cracked. You can do stuff a normal iPod can't

A jailbroken Ipod or Iphone is a Ipod or Iphone with a hacked security features and it allows things like third party apps, third party games, free music, free movies, for all of this stuff u need a computer and and itouch and/or Iphone.
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A ipod touch jailbroken has 3 main things that regular ipod touches don't have. First you can get free apps that cost money. Second you can change your ipod touch icons. Lastly when you log in to your ipod touch the background is useally black on a regular ipod touch but you can put something there like water in the background for the ipod touch jailbreak.


When jailbroken, the ipod touch has more features then the non-jailbroken Ipod touch. You have access to third party apps that you otherwise wouldn't have on a normal Ipod touch. You also have full control over how your Ipod looks. You can choose from Complete themes, or you can build your own. Ontop of all of that, you can also download apps for free that you would have to otherwise pay for.